Values and Integrity in Nursing

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Personal values
  • Crucial Professional Values
  • Alignment of Values
  • Nursing Theory that Upholds Virtues
  • Conclusion
  • References


Healthcare services form an integral part of society today. The increased demand for such services calls for professional skills and competence, which are complemented by professional values. These values are articulately stipulated in the nursing code of conduct. Values are beliefs and principles that establish behaviour and lay a foundation for scrutinizing such actions (Chitty & Black, 2011). They make up the ethical part of the profession.

Personal values

Ideally, my own beliefs and principles have impacted my career tremendously. The fundamental attributes that I hold dear are dedication, integrity and selflessness (Kaya, Işik, Şenyuva & Kaya, 2017). Commitment allows me to serve clients regardless of their economic background, sexual orientation or disability. Since my career pertains teamwork, it calls for my commitment to liaise with my colleagues, for instance, covering for each other during breaks or times of illness. This helps maintain a good working relationship, thus ensuring a serene working setting. Integrity pertains secrecy of patients' information (Kaya et al., 2017). Through the trust built in the therapeutic relationship, I ought to ensure the confidentiality of my client's data. As stated by the set standards, health care providers are held responsible for the sharing of patient information. Moreover, selflessness has nurtured my ability to assist my colleagues and patients. For instance, I sometimes cover upshifts for my fellow nurses when they are committed to ensure that neither clients nor my friends suffer.

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Crucial Professional Values

Nursing is generally controlled by a set of principles that I preferably take into account. To begin with, the code of conduct emphasizes integrity which ensures trust between nurses and clients (Elliott, 2017). Human dignity is a core virtue that I uphold in my job. This implicates fair treatment of clients with the respect they deserve regardless of physical appearance or background (Chitty & Black, 2011). Likewise, honesty is critical in my profession. This requires patients to be told the truth concerning their health status without withholding any information. These core values have enabled me to steer smoothly throughout my career.

Alignment of Values

The integrity virtue I uphold intertwines with the set professional standards in nursing. Human dignity, as emphasized, ensures that I serve clients without favour or discrimination. Honesty and confidentiality ensure I maintain a healthy connection with clients.

Nursing Theory that Upholds Virtues

According to Black, the middle-range theory outlines values that nurses should possess. Integrity, dedication and selflessness are a requirement for caregivers to offer quality services to clients. The mid-range ideology enhances the quality of care provided to patients.


Integration of the said values in my profession will aid in my service to the community. I hope to create and maintain a good rapport with my clients so that I may win their trust. Dedication to my job will assist me in saving more lives which is my everyday mission.


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