Values in Business Organizational Culture

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Discuss the development of values, including what ethical theories underpin organizational values.

Values play a key role in defining business organizational culture where employees can be able to relate effectively as well as ensuring that there is a greater emphasis on the existing relationship with its clients. Ethical relationship within an organizational environment is supposed to be effectively cultivated where it is easier to ensure that there is significant business development. Ethical theory provides a greater focus where it is easier to integrate business values to organizational culture where the business can be in a position to regulate the conduct of its employees within its jurisdiction as well as how they handle clients. Ethical theory provides focus on certain values that are critical in ensuring that there is a greater environment under which they can be applied consistently without significant changes (Nygaard, 2017).

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Discuss specific decision-making processes that lead to ethical decision making. Include any insights from your professional experience.

The decision making process that leads to ethical decision making focuses on an outward approach where it is easier to determine the underlying issues which are crucial in the overall development under which it is possible to engage effectively within a given organizational environment. An interactive decision making process ensures that all stakeholders within organizational environment are aware of the decision that is being made within an organizational environment. This creates a clear and an open relationship within the business environment (Långstedt, Wikström & Hellström, 2017).

What programs or processes help achieve a values-driven culture of integrity?

The objectives that the business is seeking to achieve play a key role in determining the values that are set in order to provide a better environment under which they can be easily achieved. Leadership values that are put in place are also key in help achieve value driven culture of integrity which aims at improving the business relations both internal and external.

What is their role in leading the initiatives?

The two recently merged companies include AT&T and Time Werner. The CEOs Jeff Bewkes of Time Werner and Randall Stephenson of AT&T have been ensuring that there is a conclusive merger, which will ensure that there is significant engagement of both companies without having a detrimental impact to their performance.

What actions are important to communicate and establish alignment across the merged organization?

In ensuring that there is better environment within a merger, there is need to ensure a better implementation strategy under which it is important to ensure successful engagement between the companies that are involved. It is significant to ensure a greater concentration under which it would be possible to have successful business engagement through understanding of the existing business models of the companies. Another important aspect that need to be considered is to ensure that the business organizations have almost similar business vision, which allows for better planning and goal setting where there can be smooth transition between the management. Integrating the management of both is also crucial in ensuring that there is significant focus under which it can be effectively engaged in ensuring that there is crucial understanding on what needs to be achieved (Långstedt, Wikström & Hellström, 2017).

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