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Vanig: the Future of Buying and Selling

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General scope

The shopping activities of man has taken a new shape with the advent of e-commerce or what is also known as the online shopping. Shopping in this style has not only made the activity easier, it has also increased the satisfaction of buyers and has cut the distance between them and the retailers. However, as this part of our lives is improving, our dispositions towards shopping and our expectations in this online activities is also increasing progressively. So it is imperative to improve this sector by providing an upgraded shopping scheme that would wipe away the limitations and challenges the existing trading network is faced with, so as to increases the satisfaction of both the buyers and the sellers. To achieve this, VANIG is proposed.

About vanig

This project can be introduced as a trading setup that is highly improved and is established to create a better market place for both the buyers and the seller. The way product trading activities is being done will be changed and improved with the use of this project. This approach aims to adopt the power of the crypto community into online shopping to make it best. However, it will instill a perfect impression and experience in the heart of the participants.

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The issues addressed by this project

First and foremost, one of the issues that faces the existing trading sector is the length of the supply chain which the product passes through before getting to the final consumer. This is a disadvantage, in that the price of such product will be raised due to the long channel it has passed through before getting to the consumer. But with this project, there would be a direct supply of product to the buyers, without passing through so many middlemen with an end that the product will become cheaper for the consumers. The problems with delayed payment of goods will be tackled by vanig as it has designed a way of instantly paying sellers using the VANIG token for easy release of products to the consumer. This will be more beneficial to both the seller and buyer as they wouldn’t have to wait for long before their transaction is completed. More so, the existing e-commerce system makes it difficult to access the informations behind the manufacture of certain products as they are being stored in inaccessible data silos that require a very tedious process to break through it. However, this project will be able to store all this important info while also making it easy to access.

The solution provided

This system functions with the aid of an hyperledger sawtooth, which will serve as a leverage to successfully combat all the listed issues that is persistent in the online trading sector. There would be a lasting improvement in the overall services and a saved transportation record that would allow the monitoring of product services from their manufacturing time until the time of delivery and this will be done timelessly with the power of the new crypto community.

This project will represent a beneficial one for sellers as well as the buyers as they will enjoy lesser selling fees and lesser price of products respectively.


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