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Customer loyalty can be measured on the basis of customers who visits at big bazaar. The measures of customer loyalty evaluate the performance of company’s current customer base and derives the companies strategies for increasing the performance of company.

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Customer attraction is one of the most important things for any company because if the customer is not attracted to your company then the company fails to establish a good relationship with the customer and this makes your success difficult in the market.

For getting success the companies managers focused on strategies and programs to acquire as many customers as possible. For this, the companies start their loyalty programs so that they can easily make a good relationship and can keep the customer with the company.

In this competitive scenario, companies use different strategies for retaining customers because the companies have realized that the success depends on the customer retention and build loyalty.

Here we are talking about the biggest retail store called BIG BAZAAR. Big Bazaar also uses a few strategies for attracting and retaining the customers. So that the customer will come and shop at big bazaar which helps the big bazaar in step up toward success.

BIG BAZAAR has few loyalty schemes for retaining the customers and those loyalty schemes are:

  1. Profit club card membership
  2. Payback card
  3. Students payback card ( for students only)


  1. Wednesday Bazaar
  2. Big days
  3. Exchange offers
  4. Vouchers, coupons, and discounts.

These loyalty schemes help the big bazaar in retaining the customers .Members of these loyalty programs get loyalty cards that show their membership enrollments which means the customers having membership card is identifies the member in loyalty programs. These members receive the attractive reward and benefits of membership programs.


Big Bazaar profit club is a unique membership program of big bazaar. This membership helps in retaining the customers because we know that the customer is a lifeline of any company and if we fail in retain them that means the company faces difficulties in the market.

So the big bazaar introduce this profit club membership for their customers where one can pay Rs 10000+ 100( one time registration fee )and shop for Rs1000 per months for next 12 months where they can spend Rs12000 over the period of 12 months. That means the big bazaar give Rs2000 extra for shop and apart this they also give free Rs500 for two times on the occasions of big days and also provide them a personal accident insurance cover of 1 Lac to the member of profit club.

After the huge success of profit club of Rs10000 Big bazaar launched new profit club of Rs5000 where the customer can pay Rs 5000 and Rs100 for registration and can spend Rs400 per months for 15 months so that they can spend Rs6000 over a period of 15 months.

This profit club card can be used across 220+ big bazaar stores across the country.

If the customer misses the chance of shopping in any month over the period of membership then the amount of that month will be added/ carried forward to next month.

The member of big bazaar will also receive the message of existing offers of the big bazaar membership card and also of the payback card.

For employees of big bazaar this profit club card is also a medium of getting incentives .Here is a process of getting incentives and profit club is also the biggest part of this scheme. So profit club also helps the employees to get incentives and reputation in big bazaar.

The big bazaar profit club card helps the store to keep their customer with big bazaar for a long time and helps to understand the customers purchasing activities.

Big Bazaar also gives extra offers on big bazaar profit club. In 2018 the big bazaar started an offer on 7 July -11 July for 5 days on profit club card. The offer started on 7 July 2018 if any customer enroll or renew the profit club card in the duration of 5 days they can get a free gift card of Rs500 on RS 10000 profit club and of Rs250 on Rs 5000 profit club card with the validity of 1 year from the time of receiving.



Payback is India’s largest multi-brand loyalty programs. PAYBACK offers its members a multitude of benefits with more than 50 partner brands participating in the payback network. The PAYBACK network including a Big Bazaar, central, Ezone, Brand factory, and many more.

This PAYBACK card program gives the customers extra benefits on shopping in the form of reward points. According to the PAYBACK, program customer can earn 2 PAYBACK points for every Rs 200 spent.

If they spend more they can get more profit points . More shopping more points .After collecting the profit points they can redeem them on a shopping free of cost. Every Rs 200 spend gives 2 points and every 1 points have a value of Rs 0.25.

The registration for payback card is free of cost and very simple . Just fill the PAYBACK form and submit at billing counter then you can get the payback card at the time of submitting the form and after that start earning points. There is no expiry date of PAYBACK CARD.IN case of damage and lost card customer can also use it through the registered mobile number.


  • You can earn 2 PAYBACK points on every Rs 200 spends.
  • The customer can collect payback points from various Future groups format like food bazaar, brand factory.
  • Also can get exclusive Big Bazaar offers for being a PAYBACK customer.
  • Customers can redeem their Payback points at a big bazaar in near future.


Students payback card is a program for providing benefits to the students.

According to this program, Big Bazaar gives some benefits to students because we know that the today’s youth is a fashion conscious. They like fashion and for enhancing them the Big Bazaar starts this students payback card programs .This card is only for students. When the students enroll themselves at the big bazaar with their College Id cards proofs then Big bazaar give them a student card.

After enrolling they can use their card at a big bazaar. ADVANTAGES OF STUDENT PAYBACK CARD:

  • Students will get 10%off on fashion at the big bazaar on every shopping.
  • They will also get 8% off on stationery products at big bazaar.
  • They will also get the 5 % off on shopping of food only at big bazaar.

This card is also free of cost as like as payback card. The registration process of student payback card is same.


Wednesday bazaar is the cheapest day of the week. It also has a promotional headline called HAFTE KA SABSE SASTA DIN.

This is a way of promoting Wednesday. This concept started in 2007 in the month of January. This concept has derived with an Idea to attract the customers toward big bazaar.

On Wednesday the Big Bazaar gives a lot of offers and discounts so that the customer can attract to the Big Bazaar and shop more from the big bazaar.

On Wednesday the prices of big bazaar products offer the cheapest prices.

Best offers and great varieties of products are available on Wednesday.


The exchange offer is introduced on 29 February 2009. The exchange offer is an offer in which customer can exchange their old goods with new goods at the big bazaar on some discounts.

If any customer has something old of the same company then in big bazaar exchange offer they can exchange those one means “BRING ANYTHING OLD AND TAKE ANYTHING NEW”

For example :-if you have an old gas stove ,old Dinner set, old Mop bucket, cloth drying stand ,pressure cooker, double bed sheet etc than brink your old product at big bazaar then big bazaar gives you some price for your old goods and also gives you a discount on new goods so that you can easily purchase the new goods.

  • For gas stove – the exchange value for old is Rs1000+upto 30% discount on New
  • For Dinner set- The exchange value for old is Rs 400+upto 40% off on new.
  • For Mop Bucket:- The exchange value for old is Rs300+upto 55% off on new
  • For Cloth drying stand:- The exchange value for old is Rs250+upto 50% off on new
  • For the pressure cooker:- The exchange value for old is Rs300+upto 55% off on new etc

This exchange offer attracts the customer at Big Bazaar


As we know that a customer is a person who can buy/purchase any goods or services and the Companies success is dependent on them. So for this, the Companies focus is on customer handling.

But customer Interaction is a must before handling them. While interacting with the customer we found the different varieties of customer and Yes, handling of that customer with their different Behaviors is Quit difficult. This is because we cannot predict the customer mood at the time they entered in big bazaar.

So for successful interaction, we should follow a few ways to interact with them and these ways are very helpful in handling them.

Ways of interacting with the customer are as follow:-

  • First, we should greet them with a smile.
  • we should ask them for giving their valuable time.
  • Then wait for their answer, if they say yes then tell them about your purpose of interaction.
  • If they ask anything related your talk then give all the answers to their questions
  • Then after that say thank you, Sir, with a smile.

These manners of interaction make your Interaction successful and also help you to understand them.

Sometimes the customer is in bad mood and he denied to interact with you and Maybe they start shouted on you for disturbing him so in this difficult situation you should work with the calm behavior and say Apologizes for disturbing him. This helps you to make calm him.

Because we know that the customer behavior is a study of Individuals, groups, and all the activities related to the purchase, use and disposal of goods and services Including their Emotional, mental, and Behavioral response.

Here we face few different behaviors of the customer at the time of training .Some customers are very angry in nature they never want to interact with anybody when you go for interact they started shouted and few customers are very talkative in nature they feel free to talk. Interaction with such customers is very easy. This study of their behavior is very important for any company because the study of consumer behavior not only help to understand the past, the present need of customer but also predict the future and this helps you to make different strategies for attracting them toward your company.


Profit club implies a huge impact on customer’s purchasing behavior. Now a Days Profit club is also a one of the main reason behind the increasing sales of the store.

This is because the profit club gives a huge opportunity to do shop more from big bazaar. As we know that the profit club is a membership for 1 year in this duration customer can spend extra . Profit club has a monthly limit of shopping which makes customer to spend in big bazaar but when the customer visit big bazaar for use their profit club amount then because of the nature of customer’s purchasing behavior they spend more than their profit club card limit.

Then the sales of big bazaar increasing rapidly and when the sale increase then the success of big bazaar will also increase.

More the customer visit, more they can shop, more the store get success.

We can say that the profit cub is just a Medium through which the customer cay bounded with Big Bazaar.

So according to this, we can say that the profit Club implies a huge impact on customers. Profit club affects the customer’s purchasing behavior positively.


During my training, I found that few customers are not aware of Big Bazaar loyalty programs but most of the customers of Big Bazaar having a knowledge of this loyalty programs. Few have this loyalty card but most of the customer doesn’t have this profit club card. They shop more but they don’t want to get any membership. I can’t understand why they don’t want to make profit club card. If they can shop more than Rs10000 so they should get the loyalty of big bazaar.

Even they have awareness of Big Bazaar loyalty programs but they don’t have any loyalty.

During the period of training we ask for the loyalty they started giving excuse .Some of the excuses are as follows:-

  • I don’t want to get this loyalty because I can earn more if I invest this much money in another market.
  • We Cannot do so much shopping in the year.
  • We have not brought so much money, we will take it next time.
  • We are not a regular customer here.
  • I don’t want to invest my money here for one year.
  • We are not from this city, we came from another city.
  • We are not a regular customer, we come only once or twice a year so this doesn’t work for us.
  • I don’t come shopping so I don’t need this loyalty.
  • We will see next time, this time we are in hurry, we don’t have enough time.
  • If we can shop all Rs12000 in once then we will take this otherwise we are not interested.
  • I know about this program but I am not interested to invest my money for 12 months.
  • We don’t like the limit of profit club.
  • I don’t want to be bound at Big Bazaar.

So these are few excuses that we found during the period of training .This shows that the customers have a different mindset.


As we know the customers have different perceptions so they react according to that Perception.

  • Sometimes the customer denied for loyalty only because of having a bad perception about cards. When we talk about cards then they react differently.
  • Sometimes customers have a fear of giving a huge amount at one time. They ask us what do we have to deposit the money together. So that means the customer denied only because of this reason.
  • Sometimes the customer denied because of the profit club limit they want to shop more at once but the profit club has a limit of Rs1000 and Rs400 per month on Rs 10000 and Rs 5000 profit club respectively .This is also the main reason for denial.

These bad perceptions create a bad impression on loyalty but most of the customer understand the benefits of loyalty programs so they have one, two and more than 2 profit club card. Around 60 % customer of big Bazaar having profit club card and they do shopping by profit club only.


During the period of training I interact with the different customer then the customer gives a few suggestions and those suggestions are as follows:-

  • The limit of profit club should be increased.
  • The points value of payback card is not valuable according to the shopping amount.
  • Customers are not satisfied on offers on products of big bazaar they think that the products offered at the big bazaar are costly as compare to the market.
  • Parking space should increase.
  • The brands on fashion at the big bazaar are limited, need to increase more.
  • The communication should be proper on offers.


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