Various Techniques in Advertising Industry


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Advertisement methods have evolved throughout the years but they all have one common goal, to attract consumers. Automobile advertisements have different ways to attract consumers, but are generally based on a vehicles stereotypical buyer. For example, a Lexus is stereotypically directed towards someone who is considered wealthy while a Toyota Prius is directed towards someone who wants to save on gas or cares about the environment. Although both companies are advertising a vehicle, because of its stereotypical status, their advertisements are not the same.

Beginning with the advertisement for the Lexus, it is known to be a luxury high performance car. In white bold lettering, the slogan “From This Car Forward, There’s No Going Back” (1) is placed in the upper left corner. In small lettering below the slogan, the advertisement discusses the features included with the vehicle and how it is the “pursuit of perfection” (1). Additionally, the setting of the image includes an empty asphalt road with the vehicle parked slightly angled towards the audience. The vehicle is metallic silver and reflects the sky’s blue canvas and bleach white clouds, symbolizing that it is brand new. Next to the car is a blonde female model posing in a bikini with a seductive facial expression. She has her left hand on her hip and right hand holding a silver helmet as if she just got out of the vehicle. There is almost a vignette effect appearing on the edges of the advertisement, this highlights the two main focuses, the vehicle and the model.

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The Lexus advertisement has a sleek, finely paved road with the slogan “There’s No Going Back” (1) in the advertisement. This appeals to consumers by persuading them that they need to have the one of a kind vehicle in their lives to have the ultimate experience. In the description below it, it hints how “perfection” can only be achieved if consumers buy this vehicle. In addition, the Lexus includes a woman in a bikini in their advertisement, which is a form of sex appeal. The woman has no relation to the vehicle or the background but is only there to attract men or even women to the advertisement. This advertisement is targeted towards someone who is professional and wealthy, such as a businessperson. The vehicle is angled to the side so consumers can have a full view of the product. Overall, the color tone of the Lexus advertisement leans towards more of a cooler tone because of the repeated use of silver, grey and blue which evokes the emotions of feeling new or revived.

On the other hand, the Prius is known to be efficient in gas. In fact, the advertisement includes the slogan “Go Green. Go Prius” (1). Likewise, the slogan is separated into two sentences and frame a short description on the center of the ad. The description discusses how a “road trip of your dreams” (1) will become possible because of the gas and money saving advantages included with the car. Relating to the eco-friendly theme, the background of the advertisement includes a forest and dirt road in the light earthy tones of green and brown. Underneath the writing, a midnight blue Prius is placed; the dark colors of the vehicle contrast with the earthy-pastel forest background.

The Prius advertisement includes a wooded background and dirt road relating to its slogan of becoming eco-friendly because of the efficient gas mileage. The Prius perceives to be more of a money saving and environmentally beneficial car. However, the Prius takes a different approach in their advertising method than the Lexus. The Prius includes how the vehicle can help consumers achieve their dreams because of its money saving advantages; this helps the advertisement connect with its consumers. The advertisement proves their statement by comparing the miles per gallon to a regular compact car and to the Prius. Furthermore, the advertisement is appealing to consumers because the description in the advertisement discusses how the consumers can have a dream road trip and include how they are saving the earth as well. This makes the consumers believe the car will become an advantage for themselves and the planet. Although the advertisement for the Prius is fairly simple, it has a significant message behind it.

In conclusion, these advertisements display various techniques in advertising and how they appeal to their consumers. Many advertising techniques can be seen in these two advertisements, such as sex appeal or appealing to the consumer’s emotions. Additionally, stereotypes play a big role in these advertisements and companies take advantage of them to incorporate into their ads. Although these advertisements do not have the same approach towards their consumers they have the same intentions.

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