Various Types of Friends and What Do They Mean

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  • Friendships out of necessity
  • Fun time Friends
  • Best Friends

Friendships can be classified in multiple distinctive categories and each type brings something particular to the experience of that relationship. As friendship come in different ways, you get to choose the quantity and the nature of friendships you wish to pursue.

Friendships out of necessity

A type of friendship which exist between you and someone that benefits you. Co-workers exemplifies perfectly this type of friendship as these individuals will assist you in the execution of some of your tasks. Possibly you are friendly with your neighbor because you mutually exchange some favors such as caring of each other’s home when you are away on vacations. This type of friendship will extend outside the environment in which it was formed and will represent the circle of friends with whom someone will spend the greater amount of time during their lifetime.

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Fun time Friends

This friendship exist between you and those whose company you simply enjoy. This is the friend that you call up when you just want to have a good time. You may not necessarily share your deepest secrets with this person, but you can trust them to join you in your pursuit of activities you like to do such as sports, adventurturious activities, cultural and social outings that both parties truly enjoy to do and share with each other. They are willing to take some risks and will get encourage you to step out of your comfort zone when you need a little push.

Best Friends

Best friends are based on mutual respect and admiration and will past the test of time. This is the friend who you know, no matter what, will be there for you during the good, the bad and the ugly times of your life. These true friendships can be at time difficult, but it is all worth it because the shared experiences will strengthen your relationship. You will not hesitate to share with them your most inner secrets, your fears. You trust them with your life, and it is mutual. Obviously, friendships can be at time complicated as they do not always run as you hope. However, it is within your control to select the types, the number of friends you want to have and how you wish to interact with them. Whether you choose to have a small numbers of friends that you see one-on-one, or thrive in a larger social group, or even make up the rules as you go along, each different type of friendship is essential to someone well-being and requires time and efforts to retain them. Human beings are social beings and are constantly seeking social interaction with other humans. All three types of friendship play a critical role in everyone life and thus important to provide children with the opportunity to establish friendships early in their life as these abilities will assist them to form healthy and sound relations throughout their life.

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