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Real Estate in Pakistan is an essential and emerging sector of the Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan annually spends $5. 2B on construction activities and approximately two percent of Pakistan’s total GDP spending on buying residential and commercial plots which is more than the on construction. According to the facts and figures of FPCCI, real estate agents are playing an integral part in the economic development of the Pakistan. Demand for residential properties in Pakistan grew in 2010, leading to increased interest among real estate developers and investors. Since prices have exceeded 10 million PKR, new housing developments are often aimed at the upper middle class. Interest of upper middle class in living excellence is continuously increasing because of which new housing developments are also expanding, leading to increased interest among real estate developers and investors.

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The year 2017 was very crucial for real estate and we have seen significant changes in the real estate dynamics of Pakistan. Primarily, we noticed flourishment and growth of developing section, whereas the under developed real estate sectors, considerably slowed down and were poised towards price correct throughout. We believe that this trend will remain the same in the year 2018 with the positivity of market sentiment for developed sectors. Current conditions of Pakistan real estate industry are very favorable for the investors who knows where, when and how to invest. Real estate market conditions is very stable and offering various business opportunities across Pakistan. DHA Lahore Residential Plots, DHA Lahore Commercial Plots, Lake City Lahore, DHA Peshawar, DHA Gujranwala, DHA Multan, Gwadar Open Land, Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar are the potential Game changer societies and best to invest in year 2018.

General public prefer these societies on the bases on some defined matrix, encompassing of safety, zero risk, and maximum ROI. Besides this there are a lot of opportunities available all over Pakistan including Bahria town Karachi, DHA, Karachi and Islamabad, however, people place them on second priority. Properties in Pakistan The real estate holds immense potential because of population density (the current population of Pakistan is 20 crore-census of 2017). Prices of properties in Pakistan vary from place to place. More the property development is more the prices are. People want to live in luxury societies having complete facilitates such as parks, mosques, water filters, nearer shopping malls along with good roads and other infrastructure. Growth in the developed sectors clearly shows that this is not a slow market, but a rational market and if you can understand it you are in for a treat especially in Pakistan, while crafting a blog we are focusing on property prices in four major cities of Pakistan.

The situation of the real estate market in January 2018 for all major cities of Pakistan presented a diverse depiction of moderate development and steadiness, viewing the stable retrieval of the real estate market from preceding occasions. After elections 2018 the market remained largely constant with no major variations. Popularity of the 1-Kanal plots in all major localities remained stable for the most part in compliance with the continuing bearish trends in property, but, genuine buyers seeking to build their homes is the current major players in Lahore’s real estate just because of moderate growth of ten Marla plots in many socialites. We have seen interesting trends of Islamabad’s property market with moderate growth overall, and stability in some societies. In general, investors were holding off in anticipation of the installation of Islamabad International Airport to be held at the end of 2018. Once the airport is installed, localities around it are expected to perform quite well. It means the construction of Islamabad International Airport will play a very significant role in the growth of real estate industry. The real estate market of Karachi, stability prevailed for the most part, with a few notable exceptions where there were moderate rises and drops.

The buying trends for plots in Karachi, Scheme 33 has emerged as the new favorites among potential buyers browsing the portal Societies. Where development was being undertaken at an encouraging pace was more popular, whereas investors were still taking a back seat to see how the new government would play out. The Gujranwala’s real estate market proved to be the most encouraging in February, with moderate growth in almost every project and is waiting for the right recipe that can work in attracting a large number of investors and buyers in the market. Major housing societies or schemes working in Gujranwala are DHA Gujranwala, Palm City Housing Scheme, and Master City Housing Scheme. Ever since the launch of DHA Gujranwala, the property market in the city has been active due to higher potential gains that can be garnered in the area. This is due to the current low prices in the area and the anticipation around the ongoing development in major societies. Circumstances from last year and polices of new government mean that investors are biding their time before fully participating in dealing with property. Overall, the real estate market fared in quite a stable manner, with hints towards steady growth in the near future. Houses for Sale in Lahore Zameenforyou is an all-in-one real estate site of Pakistan that provides you the local exposure about studio flat for rent, homes for sale, zone acumens, markets and trends to help you find out exactly what, where, and when to buy, sell or rent.

Finding a home in Lahore is not an easy task for the buyers. We need to learn about a project on many ends for the right options. Some areas may be far off from the places that you require to visit on a daily or regular basis, others may have a price tag higher than your budget and some may be lacking necessary approvals to make it a secure investment for you. By considering all these aspects thoroughly for you, some options have been jotted down. The blog is meant for the end users currently on a hunt to find an affordable house for sale in Lahore. Lahore Motorway City Lahore Motorway City (LMC), as the name suggests, is a cooperative housing society located on Lahore Sheikupura Road alongside the Motorway at Kot Abdul Malik interchange. It is an ideal location that is 12km away from the Mall Road, 18km from Johar Town, 12km from Model Town, 12km from Gulberg, and 16km from DHA.

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