Vending Machines Should Be Available During Lunchtime


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Dear Mr. Ellingson,

Vending machines are only open after school, During school hours you are not allowed to purchase anything from them. But I think that they should be operable during lunch also. Deli is open and serving treats during lunch already so the addition of the use of vending machines wouldn’t affect it very much

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During lunch, the school makes a little bit of profit off of the deli. After school the school also makes a little bit of money off the vending machines and when the concession stand is open. The addition of the availability of the vending machine during lunch would increase sales of the vending machine exponentially. Within the first few weeks, kids would be bringing money to school to buy food and drink from the machines. You can also move the vending machines into the cafeteria, which would help with supervising kids who buy from them (Making sure they don’t buy more than 1 or 2 items)

Let’s be honest here, most kids who bring cold lunch include some type of candy or sweet treat. The addition of vending machines’ availability wouldn’t make that much of a difference. Some kids may not have a full stomach after the lunch served by the school, so if they got an item from the machine and got a full stomach. According to hunger can affect a child’s ability to learn. It can leave them distracted and unfocused. Full stomachs improve learning tremendously.

You may be wondering if this option would be healthy. Well, you could increase health by including better options such as more RF chips (Personally I like reduced-fat Doritos). You could also include whole grain options such as whole-grain cookies and nutrigrain bars such as quaker oats. You already have the drink vending machine pretty healthy I don’t think it requires much change there is no soda in there. is a good place to find healthier options compared to what is already in the machine. Such as more organic options or whole grain.

One of the main concerns may be kids may bring a lot of money just for the vending machine. Just like the deli, you can put a limit on how much they spend or use (One or two Items). According to vending machines can be beneficial to the students and staff of a school. They can pair a snack to go along with their lunch. And have their appetite settled.

In conclusion, I think that there are many beneficial effects of the availability of the vending machine during lunch. And a few reasons not to, but those reasons can be easily fixed with some new rules (I have suggested some below) I think that you will take my suggestion to allow the availability of the vending machines into consideration.  

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