Veni, Vidi, Vici: a Success Story of Craig Feigin

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In the summer of 1999, he saw a video how Howard Hughes lifted out of the water, his enormous Hercules plane, the only one of his kind. A dream was born, an inspiration was created.

Mr. Craig Feigin, was born in March 28, 1989, in Panama City, Panama. His childhood consisted in reading science fiction and human inventions. He had a deep interest in works from Leonardo Da Vinci and his machinations. He would read anything that got to do with airplanes and cars. He considered Howard Hughes his mentor and professor.

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By the age of 10, he was also interested in computers, and he was self-taught. By age 12, he started his own video game which he managed to sell to a computer magazine for US$500. 00. Due to his lack of interest in sports and social events, he was severely bullied as a child, to the point that once he had to be hospitalized due to injuries from other boys. This made him even more introvert and wishing to leave Panama as soon as he could.

In 2009, he graduated Florida International University but soon decided to move to Ontario, Canada to have a better chance to enter the United States. In United States, he thought, he would have a far better future than in Panama. He was right. The land of opportunity was sure a good start for Craig. In 2010, he studied both business and physics graduated with a degree in economics and then went for a degree in physics. He went on ahead to pursue a PhD in energy physics. At this time, he managed to get a loan to start a jewelry business. Using his computer skills, he would launch a company called 1Kit Corporation. The company would provide a city guide on the internet and links to important newspaper websites like the New York Post for example. The company was an instant success and was estimated a worth of US$15 million in just a two-year span. He would use US$10 million to trade gold and silver in futures contracts in Wall Street.

The company caught the attention of computer giant Horsebit. They would acquire 1Kit in 1999 by a groping U$360 million. With this, Mr. Craig Feigin was already a millionaire. He had many ideas that wanted to bring to life. So, in 2012, he traveled to Miami, Florida where he knew there were good offerings in the real estate business after the market crashed. He would acquire a residential area of 50 homes and use them solely for rentals. By 2016, he would announce a community of residential “live about yachts “as an alternative for home buyers.

By 2018, Craig founded Zigz. com, a complete online bank, directed to make and receive payments, soon it was merged with another e-commerce entrepreneur called Louis Marley. With this he created a new conglomerate called Pay2me. com. Due to the gigantic success of pay2me. com, another joint wished to buy the company. Craig and Louis were offered to sell. They ultimately sold the company to a mayor website in the e-commerce business called Nile and Ganges. The sale was a new record in the US with US$1. 5 billion in November 2018. Craig was now a billionaire. Here he would start to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Binance, Luno, Bitwala and more. With this, a whole new line of business opened for Mr. Craig Feigin. Craig had now become a billionaire with enough resources to follow his dreams, aerospace manufacturing and space transport services. He founded Star X, making himself CEO and head engineer. With this he also created several side companies that would also tap into his childhood ambition, electronic vehicles with solar energy. He called it Transolar, this would be directed to transportation, he made himself CEO and designer.

To make his cars he would need to produce solar panels and that's why he created another company called Sun and Run, Inc. He also endeavored into mining, artificial intelligence and brain electricity. With so many businesses he was asked, what’s ultimate goal, what did he want to accomplish with the myriad of companies, he simple responded, “Conquer Mars”. Star X was more experimental than lucrative but was in talks with NASA to build their cargo shuttles and in plans to mobilize astronauts into space. Mr. Craig Feigin did manage to send supplies to a space station. This landmark event would be the first time a private company delivers to NASA space stations. The government then would ask for Star X to research on making trips to Mars accessible by the year 2022. With this, Mr. Craig Feigin had won licitation per say, to work with the government money to pursue his own dream. US$5. 5 billion was contracted to build a shuttle capable of reaching Mars.

After the first trip, Craig would make his team use whatever part they could from the first flight He would also be able to create satellites that would calculate the suns heat emissions. This was the first of many setbacks, the satellite would explode in midair and serious questioning would follow. However, he was able to build confidence when his second satellite was sent into space. Transolar, Mr. Craig Feigin’s, solar and battery vehicle manufacturing company was making a great breakthrough in the American market. Not only were they top technology but also, they were accessible. Only five years after its formation, his sports care is able of a reaching 60 miles per hour in just 3. 7 seconds and making 250 miles on battery alone. By June 2018, Transolar was already named the most valuable U. S car maker. Transolar was not only interested in making sedan cars, they announced plans to launch trucks and SUVs. These would be available by 2020. Mr. Craig Feigin also saw another opportunity not only to make money but to make lives on earth better, internet satellites. On September 2018, with permission of the US government he was able to launch several satellites into low orbit, this would make internet possible to rural areas, and improving competition what would typically be dominated by only 2 providers.

In November 2018, a powerful rocket was boosted into space and was the first one to be able to carry immense loads into orbit of earth, and is a potential serve to deep space traveling. This was 31 engines colossal with capability of 100 people. Craig is a hard worker and would often sleep in the back of the factory to oversee work. Lately, he had let go some of his employees due that production has had its setbacks and some cars have not been available to sell in the US market yet. The cut of jobs was a way of getting his cars out to the market by the end of the year.

Lately, he was upset some of his fans by announcing that he would sell his company, but this has yet to be established. Sun and Run was his solar energy company. Here he would promote sustainable energy and products for the wider consumer base. A US$2. 7 billion-dollar contract was granted to combine electric car and his solar energy companies. His ambition to make the world a better place was notable when he announces a new form of transportation via renewable energy. The system consisted in propel riders in pods through a network of pressure tubes with speeds up to 700 mph. He mentions that this network could be ready in the next 10 years with a cost of 6 billion dollars.

To prove his skeptics wrong, he created his own version at his engineering bay in California. Craig also diverse his business into artificial intelligence, this would be a nonprofit organization, its ultimate goal is to benefit humanity. Craig has a lot of ambition, working in everything he read in his science book as a kid, now becoming a reality.

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