Verbal Abuse and Neglect in Society


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Imagine being neglected,or abused: mentally, physically, sexually, or emotionally as a child, and too afraid to tell someone. That probably isn’t a good feeling. As a child, you`re supposed to be free from harm and protected at all cost, but little do you know, thousands of children (under the age of 18) are abused and neglected on a daily basis. Some never tell anyone, and some even die from the causes depending upon the type of harm (physical or sexual.) Child abuse is an ongoing macro-level issue that past and present days have faced and will continue to face unless things are put into order to get some type of change. Why does it happen? What are the types? Is this something that happens everywhere? And how can we prevent these adolescents from harmful conditions? 

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What is Child Abuse? According to the National Child Abuse Hotline “Child abuse is when a parent or caregiver, whether through action or failing to act, causes injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child.” Neglect is failure to properly provide attention and care to meet a child’s needs and wants. Most children need the support of their parents especially during the adolescent phase. While this is a broad topic of discussion, there are other categories in between the crevices. There are types of abuse that were aforementioned but here’s the breakdown:(1) Physical abuse is any form of slapping, hitting, or pushing done to another person that may cause injuries or bruising to the body. 

Emotional abuse is when a child’s mental and social well-being starts to decline due to the things said to damage them. Emotional abuse affects a child’s behavior and it is very noticeable when things are possibly going on inside of the household. (3) Sexual abuse, this is also referred to molestation; any form of touching in inappropriate areas, trying to view a child that is undressed, and or actually engaging in sexual activities. And finally, we have, verbal abuse. This can happen with all the types, depending upon the abuser.(4) Verbal abuse is where the child is yelled at, derogatory statements are made, and or taking frustration out by freely expressing whatever comes to the parents mind.

There has to be a reason why these things happen, so we ask ourselves, how do we identify the issue and how does it begin? A child begins to suffer from abuse because of what their parent may have experience as a child. According to researchers, abuse and neglect is one of the top causes of harm to a child’s mental and physical stability, in everyday life. Parents of children who are abused, more than likely have faced some sort of abuse causing them to act in the same manner, According to Mary Bauer. It’s something that isn’t taught and we know that it’s not right to harm anyone; especially an innocent child, but due to trauma that was passed down through generations, it can affect the child. Some parents actually suffer from: alcoholism and drug abuse, lack of support to care for the child, emotional disorders, and sometimes even unrealistic expectations which causes them to retaliate and act in such a malicious manner towards the minor.

Signs of abuse or neglect. Some children are easier to read and evaluate than others. To identify whether or not a child is being harmed in any way, these are the symptoms to look out for: Mayo Clinic determined that “Withdrawal from daily activities and friends, Change in behavior( including aggression and anger,) amounts of absences in school begins to increase, becoming a constant person to runaway or go missing, self-harm, and maybe even depression.” How society works today, it will not be as easy to notice it from just one action because teenagers tend to self diagnosed themselves with all sorts of things and this is also a sensitive matter. 

Depending on the child and how long that they’ve gone through“abuse” they may not be open to express what exactly is going on. For the types of abuse there are multiple signs and factors that play a role.With physical abuse there would be visible scars and bruises. Emotional abuse, there may be the common signs that were listed above, and same for verbal and sexual abuse. Also, child abuse will happen from someone that the child is very familiar with; such as, any family members, not just their parents.

Prevention. There are multiple ways to protect these innocent children from this issue that is ongoing. Multiple resources are out there but the fact that they aren’t promoted as often, makes it appear to a child that it’s moot and extraneous to the world. Most will hide what’s occurring because if they tell, they’re at risk of facing more consequences and potentially increase the abuse. But, reporting things that happen is the number one way to prevent it from continuing. Teachers, trustworthy family members, or other youth advocates are the best people to rely on in this time of need. 

There is always someone there for anyone that is neglected or abused. Once reported to a teacher, legally they are authorized to immediately file documentation to get help. This may result into child protective services, requiring the child to be removed from the home, or the police becoming involved which may result into arresting the parent, also causing the child to move in with other family members or become a foster child.

Treatments. Counseling to help cope with the trauma that the child has suffered from is offered in clinics, from doctors, and through schools. Interventions where other children are affected and can unite to speak about the things that’s happened to them. Having other people in your age group to relate to is always a vital option. This could also bring kids together and heal them at the same time. There are multiple sources out in the community to support children, because we are the future prodigies of the world, so minors are top priority in most cases.

Statistics. Claimed by American SPCC “About 30% of abuse and neglected children will later on abuse their own children, continuing the horrible cycle of abuse.” This quote here provides the fact that the cycle and trend will continue to happen as long as it is allowed. Thirty percent isn’t as high as you would expect but it still is too large of a percentage. According to American SPCC “there are percentages for each specific type of abuse.” (1) There is an estimated 18.3% of children that are physically abuse, 8.6% of those who are sexually abused, and an astonishing 75% of children whom are neglected by their parents or guardians. 

Numbers are vital for supporting data, with these numbers, it gives viewers a different perspective to view the information. 75% of the children abused die from the causes that they come encounter with. This is a considerably high number because it is way past the halfway mark. The number one state in the world with the highest number of reports dealing with child abuse and negligence is Kentucky. The demographics of this issue plays a major role and this problem has to come to an end.

Conclusion. Child abuse and neglect is a big issue in today’s society and it will continue to cycle around until the trend within families break. There are several types of abuse and as saddening as it may seem, it happens everyday to children in all parts of the world. It won’t be as easy of a task to complete but, by beginning to lower the numbers and help prevent the children from harm and preventing the abusers from continuing, things should be implemented to help lower the high statistic rates. 

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