Versailles and the Treaties of the Greats

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Social, Economical and political context on Canada: Canada wanted to be recognized for what they did in the war and that Canadians would not show up to the event without symbolizing themself. The signing of the Treaty of Versailles proves that Canada is not being Americanized and that they can take action upon themselves.

Communities, conflict, and cooperation: key interactions and contributions involving Canada wit the treaty of Versailles and the connections Canada had with other countries: After winning key battles on the front lines and back in Canada, we gained a new status in the world. Canada wasn't just part of the British empire anymore, they became a nation. Because of this, the Prime Minister at the time was Sir Robert Borden. He believed that we deserved our own seat at the signing of the Treaty. He was adamant about this at the conference and finally succeeded by getting Canada its own seat. However, they had very little impact on the treaty. The main thing about this is that they were starting to represent themselves and not Britain. This lead to the separation of Britain and Canada.

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Identity, Citizenship, and heritage: explain how various individuals, organizations and specific social changes contributed to the development of Canadian identity and helped formed the treaty. One of the most important treaties.The Treaty of Versailles was a document signed by both allied and enemy forces to bring peace to all powers. The signing took place in the Palace of Versailles, France, on June 28th, 1919. Exactly five years after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.The treaty was signed on November 11, 1918 which ended the fighting, but it took six months of negotiating at the Paris peace conference to finish off the peace treaty.Allied forces wanted Germany to pay for the damage done to the civilian population due to their aggression by all land, air, and sea. The treaty also made provision for a league of nations, where Canada would have its own membership, providing another vehicle for the advancement of the country's national status.The treaty of Versailles could've been considered as something to make Germany guilty for the war.

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