Video Games and Violence: the Development of Violent Tendencies in Games

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The content of video games has evolved since the shy beginnings of the industry, there are more than fifty years. The simple arcade games with almost nonexistent special effects have given way to a vast choice of games, presenting an increasingly realistic graphics and increasingly complex synopses. Many of these games have very violent elements.

Violence in video games is different from violence found in video games. Violence in video games can be represented in different forms, either a fantasy character or representations of human, whether viewed as first person or third person. The context of stories also plays a big role in defining this violence. It varies through different dimensions of realism, involvement, excitement and how violent it begins and ends. In order to understand more the variations violent video games, all these issues have been studies thoroughly by the researchers. Violence has dependably been the primary issue in the media yet never in video games. Some even said that the viciousness in video games would have no impact on the player paying little heed to the level of violence in a video game since it will in general spotlight on the amusement's mechanics and its item, instead of its violence.

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Video games are a major part of most teenagers' lives. Up to 90 percent of U.S. teenagers play them. Young men are bound to play than young ladies. And more violent games, such as Mortal Kombat, are among the most popular. This has driven grown-ups to stress that violent video games are making youngsters act violently in real life. Guidelines regarding this matter are insignificant or non-existent, and youthful players have simple access to diversions that, as per a few, ought to be held for grown-ups.

Therefore, the sale and possession of M-rated and A-rated video games for anyone under the age of 18 should be against the law in the U.S. and should be enforced to parents and salespeople. The violence of video games is due to the fact that, with the advancement of technology, this mode of entertainment is no longer reserved only for young people. Many adults play regularly. This partially explains the arrival on the market of games intended for a more mature public and often including rather explicit scenes of violence. The creators do not spare any detail to the players; spitting blood, breaking bone noises, and excruciating cries of pain are examples of elements found in many fighting games.

Moreover, it is often a gratuitous violence, perceived as an end in itself; some games really have no other purpose than to destroy the opponent, to kill him. In other cases, violence is not the objective of the game, but it is presented as a perfectly legitimate way to obtain rewards in the virtual world. The video game industry is competitive and centered around the primary concern. Video game organizations are endeavoring to catch this developing piece of the overall industry of youthful clients, to be specific youngsters and teenagers. M-rated video games are well known and are being showcased to kids under 17 years of age. Guardians don't need their kids to execute cops or terrorists, essentially any individual who may be regarded, in the video game world, as a trouble maker. The Law with respect to this issue has been passed in 2005 to bar the closeout of violent video games to kids. It characterizes brutality as anything portraying the slaughtering, debilitating, dismantling or sexual ambushing of human picture.

The principal real crusade came in 1976, over Death Race, a 8-bit arcade amusement in which an ambiguously vehicle molded mass keeps running over stick figures, transforming them into headstones. In 1993, Mortal Kombat, a battling amusement that could take the adversary's life by hacking off the head or middle tearing with a procedure purported casualty moves has turned into the most fierce diversion ever. In 2001, an investigation has discovered that introduction to rough computer games can build the youngsters' forcefulness. In 2004, one of develop appraised amusement made it in the best ten rundown computer games for best deal, 'Fantastic Theft Auto: Vice City' and turned into the top of the line diversion in that year.

As indicated by PC Data, in 1999, 6% of PC and computer games sold contained vicious substance and of 338 PC recreations distributed in Denmark in 1998, 17 amusements could be made a decision to contain 'a lot of brutality.' Of the top-selling diversions, 40% were shooters. Viciousness has dependably been a piece of diversion, from games, for example, football, in which rivals 'assault' and 'protect', to the table game, for example, chess, where it instructs us to be key in a war. Anderson and Dill (2000), have written in their article about the threats of fierce diversions that there are 3 reasons why viciousness in computer games may have more noteworthy impacts than savagery in TV. In the first place, savagery in computer games let the player has their very own involvement in doing such rough movement by letting the player has authority over the character in the computer game, for example, first-individual shooter recreations. Second, the dynamic investment and contribution in computer games and the last one is the addictive idea of computer games. They additionally referenced that vicious computer games are one of the ways how the kids figure out how to be forceful from the presentation of forceful conduct of the computer games character. 

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