Video Games, Violence and Their Impact on Gun Control Regulations

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Table of Contents

  • Abstract
  • More Guns - More Deaths
  • School Shootings
  • Red Flag Law
  • Firearms Impact on Economy
  • World's Impact
  • References


Gun control is one of the highly debated topics around the world and most prominently in the US. In the United States there has been an increasing of headlines in the news since the event of the mass school shooting taken place in Stoneman Douglas High school, Florida and many more school shooting because of the impact it has to the nation and the world. This causes a major change of viewpoint on the regulations on gun control; this led to the new law in the US “Red Flag Law” and brought a massive change to the states in the US. Some states haven’t placed this law yet, and many are still pending. However, it is undeniable that firearms and ammunitions are a major part of the US economy and lifestyle. Since the massacre in Florida has caused more changes in laws in other countries such as New Zealand, Australia and many more. It had encouraged an increase of attacks which is similar in the US and the world.

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More Guns - More Deaths

Gun control law is the set of policies revolving around the distribution of the types of firearms and ammunition and also rules for civilians to follow to be allowed the ownership of these firearms and ammunition. However, in the US there have been over 20,000 guns which have failed to prevent hundreds of people being shot dead or harmed. If gun control did not exist: there would be a higher crime rate in the country. With free access to dangerous weapons, criminals would be given more chances of performing misdeed putting citizens in danger of being harmed. Therefore, gun control is necessary for the safety and comfort of the people especially in countries where the selling of firearms is a large part of its economy and a lesson to other countries about guns because of tragic events that had occurred in the world because of guns.

“The single greatest risk factor for violence is a history of violence.” Dr. Michael Siegel, the study’s author and professor of the community health and science at the Boston University School of public health, (Galvin Baby, 2019). He concludes that states in the US that preventing gun possession for people had been previously link to violence has shown about 18.1 percentage decrease of homicide rates and with the universal background checks of the people purchasing a gun shown a heavy decline about 14.1% of gun related crimes.

This shows that gun control has a major impact on the reduction of gun violence. US population made up of 5% of the world’s population. However, among that population about 50% of people own a gun because of the second amendment. The amendment, to some people who are against gun control: it protects individual rights on the ownership of guns. But, those who are for gun control states it is to limit the rights of gun owners as to prevent further crimes.

Statistics has shown that most Americans prefer AR-15-style rifles because of its features; customizable, adaptable, reliable, accurate, lightweight and low recoil. Recoil is a backward movement of a gun when the gun is discharged and this is based on the 3rd law of newton on conservation of momentum, (Cummings W. & Jansen B., 2018). Yet, this preferred type of gun is shown in many mass shootings such as in December 14, 2012, 27 people were killed by the man named Adam Lanza. And in June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen killed 49 people and 50 injured at the Orland nightclub. This and many more mass shooting caused uproar in the change of the laws. There have been multiple movements to change the laws on guns possession and selling of guns.

In the US, multiple studies shown that in every 100 people there is about 120.5 guns which result to approximately 400,000,000 guns. This shown that US have the highest rates in capital number on guns. Gun control main goal is to prevent selling any guns that not meant for the civilian’s safety and closing loopholes. These loopholes are selling of guns through private sellers that do gun shows and these guns are those which do not meet the requirements of the federal background.

School Shootings

A school is a safe environment for young children to develop and gain knowledge. However, in February 14, 2018 a mass shooting had occurred. 17 killed and 17 injured a total of 34 casualties at Douglas high school Florida. The one who has caused this horrid incident was Nikolas Cruz, a 19 year old ex-student; he had used a semi-automatic rifle, (Burke P. 2018)

The young teen concealed in the crowd fled after the incident. But, this teen was able to get a gun as he bought legally and locked it way. The officials found information about him was very disturbing as they went through his social media and webpage is reveals information that is disturbing. Yet, this teen was expelled from school as officials did state the reason why he was expelled. A student from the school told reports that he was expelled due to he started to fight with his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend, (BBC NEWS 2018).

The teen receive 17 counts of premeditated murder. American children are exposed to gun violence as shown the increase of school shooting over the years. As about 2900 students are killed and 15600 are shot and injured and 3 million students witness this horrid crime take place. But statistics has shown an increase of that since 2013, there have been about 430 schools shooting occurred, (Every town 2018).

There has been research on why this has been most frequent due to school bullying and they have done this act of revenge; Copycat in order to gain attention as previous events cause an increase of attention which they want; Mental health is one of the major issues as many mass school shooting shows that the killers have a mental illness which also show that some are not diagnosed properly; Even the culture of violence plays a role as exposing children to violence through video games, movies and many more; Lastly to make this crime possible, gun control issue as it makes criminals much easier to obtain guns especially in the US, (Netivist, 2015)

Another case was on April 16, 2007 at Virginia technology. 32 students were killed with a pistol and it was done by Seung-Hui Choi, a 23 year old student. His motive was shown through the videos that he made and proclaiming, “I did it for my brothers and sisters”. And 17 more people were injured during the attack. This shooting was the 3rd largest shooting in modern history.

Similar case had occurred in Colorado infamously known as the “Columbine high school massacre’. On April 20th 1999, 13 were killed with a coordinated attack. This was done by 2 students named Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. However, the motive of the attack was unknown as they both had committed suicide in the library. But, there have been multiple theories what lead to this case such as violent video games, depression and many more, (Rosenburg J. 2018).

Refe have been an aspect of cause of violence as shown through the study of Anderson and Dill, 2000. As they made students play 2 set of games one violent which is wolfenstien 3D and non-violent which is myst. They measure the level of aggression shown as every time they students won they would blast loud music into your opponent in the other room yet, that does not exist.

They made students believe that they were playing against another person in the opposite room. The result of their study, that there is a positive correlation between video games and aggression and could lead to violence. However, there was a fault on their study as they deceived their participant which is unethical as they participants felt unsure about they have done. These situations caused students around the country to uproar for the change in the laws on gun control which were approved in some states and pending in some and this law change is the “Red Flag law”.

Red Flag Law

The Washington post reported that there is a campaign going around in every town educating children about guns and the “Red flag law”: which is a law that allows people to judge others and decide if it is necessary to request for a restriction on gun access for those who may pose as harm to all through judges approval.

According to officials, in February 2018 there have been 9 states that have enacted this law. Presently there are 11 states that put this law into practice. Although these states have placed this law many other states have this law still pending for approval, (McCullough J, 2018).

The benefit for this law is that it immediately takes action to prevent any further harm. But, this also respects the second amendment. Many studies have been done over the couple of years showing a positive correlation between the reducing numbers of gun violence and the red flag law.

However, those who oppose this law claim that it takes the rights of gun ownership. But, it is meant for the benefit for all and to prevent any further harm. Ever since the Florida massacre, they have placed this law immediately as it is part of the large gun control bill. This law also help those who are mentally ill as they give immediate treatment after gun confiscation. As shown by the state of Indiana, they have place the law after when the death of an officer and found that the shooter has mental illness and was killed in the incident. However, in Indiana the officers can immediately seize the gun on the spot and get the court’s approval later on. And if the owner is found having a mental illness, their gun is confiscated for 6 months until the owner request for another hearing and found fit for the handling a firearm.

According to the republican Hill, “It’s not the gun, it’s the person, so we’re addressing the situation where a person who is maybe dangerous and using a gun in a dangerous manner, we’re removing the gun from that dangerous person”, (McCullough J. 2018) The guns have been part of the lifestyle of the US for years. It has been part of the economy growth but, now there have been changes to its economy due to the new laws in place.

Firearms Impact on Economy

Firearm and ammunition have been part of the economy growth as statistics has shown in 2017. Its impact is about 51.14 billion dollars and seeing that almost every household in the US has a gun. Now with new gun control laws shows there have been in gun’s capital in the US. As statistic proves that there has been a decline of numbers in deaths through the new gun control laws. Between 1999 and 2013, majority of the deaths caused by guns shows about estimated 400,000 gun deaths.

In 2012, the total cost of fatal and non-fatal is up to 229 billion dollars which shows that the guns have impacted economy in a huge way, (Popken B. 2015) And the annual revenue of the guns industry is 13.5 billion dollars, meaning that business in the firearms and ammunitions has a great amount of profit flow every year. This also shows that the American society has great interest in ammunitions.

This guns that are sold to the public are loaded and ready to fire. However, Americans bought these guns for self-protection so it is rarely used. Mostly women buy these guns to prevent any harassment or horrid situation that may occur. Some of these firearms are exported from outside the country about 4%, which shows that guns in the US are not enough to satisfy some customer’s needs. These guns are legal to bring into the country however, the owner’s must have a licences and a certificate along with them. But, these guns should be under the US regulations such as they must be under the requirements of the border patrol. 3,625,268- This is how many guns are imported in 2014. But, firearms and ammunitions have impacted other country’s gun laws because of tragic incidents that had occurred in the US and in other countries.

World's Impact

There have been events of mass massacre such as situation in France, Germany, New Zealand and many more. The situation in France is the one the country that had shocked the world because its massacre in 14 July, 2016 in Nice. That has killed 84 people by the lorry. This caused the world to give a moment of silence to those who have lost their life and see that attacks like these needs to be stopped or prevented.

Similarly, gun massacre have made a huge impact such as in New Zealand. The attack on religion: the attack on Christchurch mosque massacre that occurred in 15th March 2019. This is one the current “New Zealand Dark days” as it has killed 49 people: many children, women and men. This incident was recorded in Facebook live stream for audience to see the crime live, (BBC NEWS, 2019)

The man is an Australian man, who is racist and is against the idea of immigration. According to the prime minster of Australia, Scott Morrison declare that the man as 'extremist, right-wing terrorist.” There is an estimate of 1.2 million guns circulating the country of New Zealand. This appalling situation brought a change in laws that all semi-automatic guns which include rifles and other military guns are banned within the country. And this is the best way to prevent any further similar crimes within the country. New Zealand is one of safest country in the world.

However, there has been a petition sign against the ban of guns in New Zealand. As they wish to change the regulations of guns possession and they declare that this ban is solely based emotionally driven by the public pressure. There has been 11,000 people signed this petition, (CNN Newsource, 2019)

In November 13, 2015, is one of the most deadly attacks in France history. This incident consists of multiple shootings and grenades that killed 130 people in various locations like music venue, sport stadium and other places. According to officials, profess as an act of war. As well that the terrorism claims responsibility of the act.

So in France, laws on possession of firearm; the owner must have a licence in shooting sport which requires psychological check-up and renewal. However, fully automatic guns are not allowed to be sold to the public if one person is caught with one- they have to live up to 7 years in prison and pay a fine. So the attacks on November 13th, the owner obtained the gun illegally as the gun was an automatic one.

However, this situation brought prolonged states emergency which allows authorities such police officers and many more to conduct house arrest, raids and more without the judicial authorization. Many were agreeing this as it is for the general safety.

A father, whose son was shot at the horrid incident, wrote a note for his son. “He nearly died twice after his 30 hour birth. You should see how he hunts a ball as a goalkeeper. He has, is and will make a tiny mark on people’s hearts. That’s just the beginning of all that will be said of him”, (Palin M., Koubaridis A. & Smith R., 2019)

Peshawar, Pakistan has one of the highest mass shooting in the 21st century. Having the highest death count of 148, which consists of 134 children as this horrid scene took place in an Army public school. This attack was on young children at the age of 8 to 18 years old which brought the nation to a shock. The incident was led by 7 gunmen who are from the Islamic fundamentalist group.

After the bloodbath, they official came up with a new strategy called the National Action Plan (NAP) which is to face terrorism, extremism and radicalism head on, (Khattak D., 2017). This also involves which sending troops to face against those who promote these ideals.

In Australia changes in gun laws at 1996 after the massacre of 35 people dead and 12 others injured the biggest mass shooting in history, (Masters J., 2016). Where now, they required licenses and 650,000 assault ammunition are out of the public circulation. Many say that this method was highly effective as there has been a decrease number gun related to violence.

In conclusion, gun control is necessary for the country where the vending of firearms is a large part of economy for the safety and comfort of the people. US have the highest cases of gun violence which brought forth the new law the “Red Flag law” that decrease in gun related to violence. Personally think that gun control is necessary as it benefits the society as a whole for safety as those who oppose gun control say that the law would not work. As well as they say that people should go for classes in order to obtain the gun. I believe that all counties that allows gun in their country to impose the gun control law and restriction on guns to prevent any further harm that it could.


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