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Immigration has been a hot topic since the foundation of the United States. The United States, a country founded on immigrants, had a very loose immigration policy that allowed people to come from all over to start a new life. The Immigration Act of 1924 was the very first restriction placed on a specific ethnic group. Since the crisis at the Southern Border, immigration has been a topic the American public has not been able to let go of. During the 2016 Presidential Election, “build that wall,” was a staple point for the Trump Campaign and carried on into his presidency. The Trump Administration’s actions and attitude toward the southern border and immigrants can be viewed as the Administration trying to abolish immigration from the southern border altogether. 

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The conditions at the Southern Border shocked Americans no matter he or she’s political affiliation. The separation of children and parents that occurred at the beginning of 2019 sparked nationwide outrage. The Migrant Camps, simply put, are inhumane. The conditions were even worse than the countries the migrants were fleeing from. For instance, the number of families placed in these camps outnumbers the number of restrooms available. Sickness is also at an all-time high due to proper medical treatment being unavailable. The dangers these migrants are running from, including kidnappings and rapes, are ever-present even in these camps. The conditions at these camps can even be compared to the conditions of the concentration camps during World War II. For instance, immigrant families are being separated much as the Nazis did to Jewish families during the Holocaust. Although the conditions are not quite as bad as Nazi Concentration camps, Americans, who practically hated the Japanese during the Second World War, did not separate families from each other when they place Japanese-Americans in detainment camps. The conditions of the Migrant Camps reflect the Trump Administration’s attitude towards Southern Border immigrants by showing force towards one ethnic group much like the United States did in WWII. 

Migrants along the Southern Border are leaving incredibly dangerous conditions. Most southern countries such as Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, and Guatemala are riddled with gang violence. Gangs in this area, including drug cartels, have more control than the country’s government. Because of gangs running the country, payment is often taken in unconventional ways. Due to the rampant poverty, when gangs come looking for payments and families are unable to fulfill their demands, gangs will take young girls and force them into prostitution. It is not just young girls that live in fear, young boys have the fear of being forced into gangs due to their families being unable to pay debts; they are recruited to run drugs and such. Due to the poverty conditions, it makes it near impossible for families to protect their children from being used as tradeoffs for these gangs. Even the wealthy ones, often drug lords, are not safe from gangs; they are usually seen as targets for rival gangs. Families fleeing the conditions are not making stories up as the president believes; they are fleeing for the safety and protection America provides. 

The attitude the Trump Administration has towards immigrants is affecting the chances of the migrant gaining citizenship and asylum. The Trump Administration is trying to abolish asylum. Immigrants applying for asylum have to extensively prove that he or she’s life is in danger because President Trump believes all stories coming from immigrants are constructed by lawyers. Asylum is the trickiest way to gain citizenship due to the extensive process immigrants have to go through before even getting cases heard before a court. The concept of asylum is protection, but President Trump is sending immigrants back to camps along the border where the danger still is. Another way that can be seen as abolishing asylum for immigrants along the Southern Border, is applying for asylum in three countries before applying for asylum in the United States. The only problem with that is the other countries do not have the resources to hear these cases, and the dangers they are running from are also present in these other countries. Although passing reformed legislation may not seem like a huge deal, the Trump Administration denying asylum to immigrants by raising qualification standards is violating both United States and International Law. Shown by the actions that are taking place under this Administration, it has been made clear that immigrants along the Southern Border have no positive place on the administration’s agenda. 

Although views on immigration can differ dependent on beliefs, the legislation the Trump Administration is trying to pass is extremely controversial among all parties. The Trump Administration’s actions and attitude toward the southern border and immigrants can be viewed as the Administration trying to abolish immigration from the southern border altogether. America was founded on people fleeing persecution, yet people today are doing the same and being denied. Because of the new legislation and conditions of the camps along the border, the idea that Trump and his administration has no regard for the southern countries is clear. The debate over the crisis at the Southern Border has divided Washington and the American people since campaigning for the 2016 Presidential Election began. 

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