Views on Nursing Responsibilities: Profession Or Service


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Nurses’ responsibilities are outlined in the job description but while on the floor they do more tasks that fall outside of their scope of work. They provide care, administer medications, observe and monitor patient’s conditions, communicate with doctors, keep records up to date, operate and monitor medical equipment. If they are a nurse geared towards a specific entry in the field, then they differ a little bit. They also help family members cope with certain bad news delivered from a surgery that did not go well. It takes a lot of work to become a nurse but overall it is an interesting job that requires a lot but has good benefits that come along with it.

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The Rn program takes about two to three years to obtain the associate’s degree in nursing that is needed. To become a BSN you will need to proceed to your bachelor’s degree in nursing, which is typically four years of college. Although, if you already have obtained a nursing diploma or your associates in nursing, some colleges have an RN-to BSN program which again takes about two to three years. There is another route to becoming a BSN. This route is the fastest route for people who already have a bachelor’s degree in a different field, it is an accelerated BSN program that takes about one to one and a half years to obtain. It applies the credits you have already received to some of those you need to complete. Once you have completed either one of these degree programs, it is required that you take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). The prerequisites to enter any of these programs are based on your ACT/SAT scores, 3 years of math and science (some of them specify which ones needed for degree), 4 years of English, and 2 years of a foreign language; others depend on the school you are attending. Some nursing programs or hospitals will also require you to have multiple certificates such as ACRN, CPN, LPN, OCN, FNP-BC, CRNA, and CPR. Those are the most common ones needed and in this case, it can also get you working in the hospital before you finish your degree which is an advantage. You will already know some of the staff, know the basics of what you will be doing, and already have your foot in the door. A few of the qualities needed to be a nurse are critical-thinking skills, communication skills, compassion, detail-oriented, emotional stability, organizational skills, and physical stamina.

Getting into this field is quite difficult. “Community service and volunteer work can look good to the admission committee, particularly at the BSN level.” (Getting into a Nursing Program). Involvement within the community is a positive viewpoint of having some of the qualities needed to be a nurse. If you volunteer at a hospital it gives you a better chance to see what you will be doing, not to the full extent though, but it shows that you are serious and passionate about this career field. Visiting the nursing schools around, talking to others about their thoughts, getting tips, and learning about how competitive this field is, are relatively important so you are prepared for what you are going up against. Supportive recommendations letters and your essay is a convincing way to excel in the process of getting accepted for the job. These will show your academic capability and persuades them to look at you a different way than others at times because you took the extra time to get the recommendations as well as write an essay as to why you would be the best candidate. It is recommended that you get your application turned in before the deadline and to have it organized to the best ability you can. The one that numerously showed up was to be resilient. Do not give up because you did not get it your first try, many people take several tries before making it in. A few nurses that I have talked to have given me the advice to study extra hard, make sure you know the information before taking the National Exam, volunteer in the hospitals, and I was told frequently “If you want to progress in the medical career, nursing is the best way to start and some hospitals, if you represent yourself well enough and work to your best ability, they will pay for your college to succeed further, you just got to work for them for a certain amount of time or stay within that hospital company.”

The most common challenge faced in this career to this day is workplace injuries. Nursing is ranked the highest risk for back pain. Other common injuries include strains, sprains, cuts, punctures, various traumas, fractures, soreness, and bruises. To work with these issues a little better; The Hospital Patient and Healthcare Worker Injury Protection Act was amalgamated to require measures that reduce injuries to those who are lifting and moving things as light as patients to as heavy as medical equipment. Workers can not be penalized for refusing to lift patients. Another issue is learning new technology. Every so often they are improving technology to a whole new advanced level. Nurses do not have the time to be learning new technological devices, systems, or programs. Although, it does enhance the care and process of things, in the meantime of learning, patients are still flowing in regularly, while nurses struggle because they are not familiarized with the newer systems, which slows them down.

Also, hospitals tend to be packed with patients. In this case, nurses are moving around so much that the patient being treated is not getting the quality of care they want or are paying for. For example, one patient is in the hospital, you are about to put in the I.V. to insert the medications through fluids, in the meantime someone else needs you, so you stop what you are doing to go help that patient, then go back to the first patient to finish that job. This is also due to the nursing shortage that is going on, but the growth expansion for this career within the next decade will hopefully decrease the shortage and improve the quality of care that patients need and deserve to receive. The environment nurses work in is also a challenge faced by every nurse out there. You are exposed to diseases and illnesses your patients have, the need to meet physical and emotional demands, the amount of work that is put on you individually. The uniform for nurses does not necessarily protect you from the things some of your patients may have, which is a high-risk factor in the field. Nurses also have to attempt to stay emotionally stable. For instance, you are working on a patient with a chronic disease for the past 4 years, you tend to gain an emotional connection with that patient. At one point, the patient comes in at their worst point and code blue, as the nurse is required to move forward and take care of your next patient. This is a major struggle for some nurses that they have to overcome as they proceed in their careers. Stress is also a major disadvantage within this field. Being overly stressed will lead to a weaker immune system, high blood pressure, heart disease, and anxiety. Those are things nurses should try to avoid because it will affect their work quality and personal health causing them to have to take leave or be at risk for infections they are dealing with. Along with these struggles, there also come benefits. Employment opportunities; with the nurse shortage going on currently, nurses are being hired quickly meaning a guaranteed hiring job because nurses are needed everywhere. Personal satisfaction; knowing that you are helping others and being selfless is a satisfying feeling. It increases your happiness, increases your chance of making better decisions. Another pro is being able to travel with your job, with all the nursing positions around the world it is easy to transfer to where you want to go after a while; as well as very flexible. Nurses are always on the clock. Therefore, they can simply move your schedule around if something was to pop up or if you were not available to work that day due to issues, or if you are single or have a family with kids, they are very reasonable with working hours throughout the week.

Overall, whether you are going for an RN or BSN they require some of the same courses, the same amount of work or effort, and end it with taking the same National Exam that everyone takes within any nursing degree. It comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages. There are plenty of ways to make your resume look better and increase your chance to get into the program. Nursing is something that will always have a guaranteed job opportunity because places will always be looking for them.     

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