Violence and How It Has Affected My Life

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As many people know violence is bad. Youth violence is bad in many ways it tears up families and messes with people’s mentalities of other people. Violence is harmful, it can cause many tragic things and makes people think they’re cool which they aren’t. It affects tons of people, not just one person. Violence is wrong because treats people badly and hurts others in the process. There is a quote that says, “Violence is never the answer.”

There are many reasons for youth violence like bullying, not enough attention at home, drug abuse, physical abuse, and insecurity. Because insecurity people might feel like they are worthless and can make them do violence because they want others to feel like them. There is a quote that says ̈insecurity likes company ̈ which means that some people that are insecure like to bully others or do violence because they want others to feel like them. Mental health issues are also another reason for Youth Violence. Mental health issues include ADHD, bipolar, and conduct disorder which are things known to play with people’s emotions. Homicide is the second leading cause of death among young people of the ages 10-24 years old in the United States according to CDC.

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Violence has affected my life and has pushed me to the better side of things. When I was little I had a next-door neighbor who drank every day. He would drive drunk, take his medicine with a beer, and argue with his family. His family was also our neighbors, just two houses away, and they would talk about how he had a problem. He was an alcoholic with a problem, he wouldn’t listen. This continued on for months and one day he had an issue and we had to call an ambulance for him. He promised he would stop but he did not, and a week later we had to call another ambulance. These things continued to happen over a long period of time to the point he eventually passed away. He had an addiction and a mentality that was very toxic but it was all because of his addiction.

There are many ways to stop the violence. I can teach people how to let go of things and learn how to forgive others for things they might have done and maybe violence can stop. I can also try to teach others how to be respectful of others and respect them for any problems they might have. If they are being surrounded by violence of any sort to tell someone that they trust. Helping stop violence is important because it is harmful to everyone. 

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