Hate Crime and Honor Killing: What is It, How It is Connected to Islam and What We Can Do to Stop It

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There are many cases of extreme violence against women that are removed from all around the world. In today’s world, media quickly picks up stories that are as sensitive as honor killing, and these stories are given a lot of media coverage and public attention. The so-called “honor” killing is one manifestation of violence and criminal practices against women that seems o persist in places such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and many other Muslim-majorities countries. There are many steps that needs ti be taken when it comes to decreasing or stopping honor killing for once and for all.

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First and foremost important step we need to take is educate people about what honor killing is not just countries like Pakistan, and Afghanistan, but all around the world. We need to educate people that it is not a part of a culture or a religion. It is a part of mentality that unfortunately these people have, where they think by killing innocent they can bring back the “honor” to the family. Surprisingly, “Until about 30 years ago, it was very common to hear about honor killings among Italians, but now when a man kills his wife, they call it a crime of passion” says Cinzia Tani, an Italian writer and journalist. Regardless of what we name the crime, the nature is the same, the reason is the same, and the outcome is the same. An innocent has to suffer for a mistake, that went even a mistake in a normal world. I believe these people who consider these kills as a way to bring back honor int heir family, are uneducated people.

One of the most unfortunate thing today is that most of the people do believe that islam allows us to kill an innocent, and specially for honor killing. It is not true! There is no violence in islam, and Islam does not promote violence. We need to educate people not about the religion but what the religion says about honor killing, and how these sick people use that wrongfully. In islam, a women is allowed to marry who she wants to, and her parents cannot force her to do anything she does not want to or consent to. In Quran’s women gets equal respect and Quran holds both men and women equally responsible for adultery. So if you are telling me that killing an innocent women may bring the honor back, you have lost it forever.

Another thing that I believe is very important is that, women need protection and a place where they know their voices can be heard. There are already many NGO who have there offices and shelter homes where honor killing is common, so these women can come there for shelter. But we need to educate the women themselves about what their rights are. Most of these women are taught their whole life that they have no rights, and no voice.

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