Violence in Media as Huge Problem of Society

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I believe that the media will increase incidences of aggressive behavior due to the fact Television is a powerful tool with the ability to both entertain and inform the viewer. However, television may be too powerful, as many individuals have an addictive relationship with the screen. TV-Free America recently compiled a compelling series of statistics on American viewers, making it perfectly clear that people spend too much time watching television. 

According to these statistics, the average viewer watches more than four hours of TV everyday. Kids spend more time watching TV than going to class. Also, 200,000 violent acts are seen on TV by age eighteen. With so much free time spent watching television, it is instinctual to fear that it has negative effects on our society. In fact, many of Americans believe that TV violence helps precipitate real-life mayhem.

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The idea that violence in the media causes aggression and leads to crime has been preached by researchers, parents, and politicians since the 1980s. However, despite the countless studies that have been conducted, no significant consistent relationship has been found. Still, many hold onto the idea that television makes their children more aggressive than they would have been naturally. Perhaps this is due to the stigma that TV teaches children that violence is cool, funny, and effective. Perhaps it is because parents cannot understand why their children look for violent media as a source of entertainment.

This is a highly disturbing incident because this would not have happened if the show was never created. No one could have ever predicted that a show intended for entertainment would be taken seriously. In order to stop misfortune again, it would be necessary to censor nearly all violent shows because there is always a chance that any of these programs could give someone a horrible idea. 

However, this is a task that is nearly impossible. First of all, producers are allowed to produce violent shows because the freedom of speech laws inscribed in the U.S. Constitution. Also, when it comes to shielding content not designed for children, rating systems are relatively ineffective. 

A child is unlikely to turn off their favorite show because it has a parental advisory warning. Many say that parents should make it their responsibility to censor what their children watch. Because we live in an increasingly demanding world, many parents are unable to be home all of the time because they are off working trying to pay the mortgage bills while putting food on the table. 

Also, even if there is a stay-at-home mom who only allows her child to watch age appropriate programs, many television programs intended for kids are very violent. This is seen in popular cartoons such as Powder Puff Girls or Transformers. Realistically, preventing children from watching violence in the media is unlikely to happen.     

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