Violence in War Should Be Justified Or not

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Let’s start by talking about terrorism. Can terrorism be justified? Under terrorism people with particular motives regarding religions, laws et cetera kill not only their own friends, families, the people from their own religion, people who support their motives et cetera but also themselves. That is killing of a lot of innocent people or rather 99% (NDTV) of the people killed in terrorism are innocent people. This is just something that I’ve brought to your recollection. Now, coming to war, it is something that is decided by the people themselves. This means that wars take place when the people also understand the importance of it and the greater good that will be the result after the war, the purpose for which the war is fought. You must have heard the dialogue in films, “To save thousands of innocents, if we have to sacrifice one, that is acceptable”. Well, that is exactly what wars do. For the protection or good of crores of innocents for generations to come, killing of thousands or even lakhs of innocents is justifiable since they have signed for it. So, I believe that killing of innocent in terrorism is unjustified but certainly justified in wars. I believe that wars are the end of the bad, evil, unjust and negativity. Even the Mahabharata which cleansed the society when it became impure during Dwaparyuga, by ending all evils and giving birth to a new generation as pure as Ganga then, Kalyug. For further discussion, I would like to discuss the relationship of this topic with Mahabharata. I would also like to discuss a few wars of history and recent times, which strengthen my opinion regarding the same. It will be good to discuss reasons and purposes of wars.

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In Mahabharata, there is an incident in which Ashwatthama is resting under a tree where an owl kills a sleeping crow. Now if the incident is asked and left upon you to predict, what would you say? Is a crow innocent or is an owl innocent or maybe none are or both are in their own ways? That is exactly the case of war. Each of the Warriors would find their side and their loss to be the loss of innocents. But in the war the soldiers or the Warriors have signed for the loss for further better. Gandhari lost all of her sons except one and the Pandavas lost their sons which they knew might happen and yet they were ready to fight the war which makes it justifiable. Also when it comes to the soldiers they are tired of the war since it had lasted so long and they had seen so much bloodshed but that does not mean that they did not know people were going to die in the war. You know it is human psych or a human mentality that what affects us is the loss that happens at that moment although we are prepared of it we have seen our relatives dying maybe due to illness accidents or some kind of ailments but we don’t ask for justification is regarding the same even though they are innocent. We know that someday they are going to die it is just that we are not ready for it and so I believe it is the same when it comes to worse when you know but you’re not ready for it which makes ask this question is the killing justifiable. Mahabharat was justified because Shri Krishna just before starting the war went to the Kauravas as a (Shanti oot) or a peace ambassador and asked for 5 villages instead of their kingdom. The Kauravas said that they won’t even give land equivalent to the tip of a needle. It is very obvious to think that is the soldiers had not participated in the l war it would not have been possible and certainly they would have had faced death under the kingdom of Kauravas. In order to protect themselves and their families, future generations and other innocents the soldiers were willing to participate in the war as their duty towards righteousness and their kingdom.

Reasons for wars and a few wars is suppression that leads to wars. Religious suppressions lead to wars like the Crusades which aimed at spreading Christianity due to suppression. Or be it the nationalism wars like World war 1 which was out of extreme patriotism, or be it the revolutionary Wars like the French Revolution or the American Revolution which are fought for a nations independence. This indicates that the people who are involved in the war are there for a purpose and are aware that innocents including their own family members and friends might be killed and it is justifiable. Against this when people do not agree on wars they have to be stopped. The most recent and powerful example for this is the America Iraq war(gulf war) When America had recently declared war on Iraq for petroleum, a few Americans protested against this and said that it was incorrect to initiate a war due to this it had to be stopped. It Would be wrong to believe that some innocents are killed in the war and someone are not or the actual deserving punishment holders are not Killed. Well let’s talk about Mahabharata since, After the Mahabharat Shri Krishna also died which is known as Yadvasthali. I don’t know huge accurate details but what I know is that even God himself had to die for participating in the war. So that is what I have heard and what I know and hence I would like to connect it with this point that innocents are killed and it is not that some are spared.

Wars has been declared in this world because of the things like clash of ego and attitude and to show the dominance power on the weaker side. The people who thinks about war always thing that they are superior and in this whole world they cannot be defeated, some wars are done for peace and for some specific reasons but some wars has happened to capture the whole world which was not appropriate as per my view, the example of Genghis Khan which is known as the great king and have almost captured half of the world, to capture the whole of world Genghis khan had done so many wars and so many innocent people were killed and he only did war for expanding his kingdom because of his own satisfaction and to achieve his goal of capturing the whole world and today also we can find that every 2 people out of 200 people in the world have the belonging traits of Genghis Khan, indeed he is called a great leader in the ancient history but doing war to capture the whole world was the thing that he was not called as the best king of the world. Another king who was as strong as Genghis Khan and wants to capture the whole India was king Ashoka, his purpose to do war was to expand the kingdom and have the same ideology of Genghis khan but after winning a war he just went to see his glory but instead of seeing his glory he saw that there lot of people who were died, some soldiers of his kingdom and more soldiers of the other kingdom were killed and they lost their families and due to war many innocent families were died due to war and after seeing all this things he thought that he had done war to expand his own kingdom and he had done war for his own people but after finding that there was no people left after the war and kingdom cannot be built without human beings. This changed the whole life of King Ashoka and after this he decided not to do war and believe in peace and to spread peace he propagated Buddhism across his own kingdom and other kingdom this was the best era of his kingdom where people were not afraid of war and do not invest on war but instead of that they invested in education and spreading knowledge and at that time only King Ashoka achieved everything and called as the best king than Genghis Khan because he understood war brings destruction nothing else.

War cannot only be fighting with weapons it can be the fighting of expression and words, fighting for freedom and the best war we can see in our history is of getting independence and Mahatma Gandhi did the same for the independence of India from the Britishers he had war with non-violence where no weapons were used and by that peace was also maintained and the purpose of war was also fulfilled, Mahatma Gandhi get India independence by doing the war with non-violence and achieved independence, so it is not necessary that war can includes weapon. Wars are done also for defense and also for spreading peace. If there is wrong and bad people around you and if they don’t understand the language of love and peace, we should do war for our own safety and for our own family. As we know that the darkest war happened in our ancient history was Mahabharata but it was the brightest of all war happened in our ancient history, because at that time the war was happened to propagate peace and built a world where there is dharma(righteousness) and to propagate this himself Lord Vishnu the creator took avtar of Lord Krishna and had to take born on earth to destroy all bad deeds, in Mahabharata Arjun himself got afraid b of killing his own family member but Lord Krishna explained him the true sense of the war, why the war is happening. Let’s talk about today’s world country like India who have enemies on three different sides of the border, for the protection of the citizen of India and for the safety of the country they have to do war against the terrorism and against other country for the safety of our own people, if they won’t do war for the safety then the other country will capture the land and will rule on the other country and if this happens no will be able to live properly. So for the defense of our own country we need to be ready to have a war with any country for the safety of their own country.

During the Kargil war, we attacked in defense and not first. In the same way, in history, in maybe the war of China, the war was initiated by them to grab our land and we defended. Be it the war of Independence, the innocent ancestors gave up their lives to bring us peace and independence for generations to come. War should be done and could be called justifiable when it is done in against of the wrong deeds, wrong people that includes terrorism and war should be done for the safety of our own people, religion, culture and tradition. If war is done for the reason of capturing the world and to dominate others that will bring sadness in the world and no one will be able to live peacefully and all will try to defeat others and because of this at last no one will survive and all will die because of the hunger of more and more, that includes money and domination on others. If in today’s world war happens the whole world have to pay the price of it and if it happens there will be no existence of the world called earth, all will die, monuments will be devasted and there would be destruction all over the world and reason will be the hunger of getting more and more. We need to become a person like King Ashoka, Mahatma Gandhi not like Hitler, Genghis Khan who did wars for their own not for the people, now you have to decide what you want to become for the existence of the world. So I conclude with the question- if you are attacked, won’t you have to defend and if you have a greater and noble purpose, wont innocents have to sacrifice? If this is not justified, then what is?

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