Vladimir Lenin in Soviet Union and His Politic

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Political Situation in Russia pre Stalin During the Romanov Dynasty, a few years prior, Russia was slow to industrialize and did not make much progress because Tsar Nicholas II, nobles, and priests did not solve any economic, social, or political problems (Ellis and Esler 375). During World War I, Nicholas went out to help during the war and left the duties to Tsarina Alexandra. Rasputin, a peasant, helped Alexandra rule Russia during the tsar’s absence, but many people didn’t agree with Rasputin’s opinions and decided to kill him (Ellis and Esler 376). Eventually, the tsar’s family was killed and Nicholas II abdicated. 

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A new and temporary government was created and so were Soviets (Ellis and Anthony Esler 376). Vladimir Lenin, a revolutionary fond of Karl Marx’s ideas, tried to spread the ideas of communism but was exiled to Siberia, only to return with the help of Germany. Stalin’s Rise to Power During the Russian Revolution, Stalin joined Lenin and the Bolsheviks and eventually becomes the Secretary of the Communist Party, when the Russians are having civil conflicts (“IWonder – Joseph Stalin: National Hero or Cold-Blooded Murderer?”). 

After Vladimir Lenin’s death, both Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin rose to some power. Although they had some of the same views, they had different perspectives as to how to approach their method. After constant disagreements, Stalin took Trotsky’s Communist Party Membership and made him leave to Mexico. Eventually, an agent of Stalin murdered Trotsky, and Stalin had a pretty clear path. He is using brutal tactics to gain power, such as killing many and putting others in camps where they will eventually die (Ellis and Esler 381). 

Source of Stalin’s Appeal to Russians Although he is using brutal tactics to rise to power, Stalin is trying to provide benefits to the people, so that they will side with him. He is building free Communist-built schools that everyone has to attend, and has activities for children to enjoy such as sports and those related to culture. Although harming many, he is providing free healthcare, daycare, and activities. However, he is trying to control them by releasing propaganda, eliminating religion, and harming those who opposed him or his ideas. If anything is published without approval, the author is abused and has to face serious consequences. 

Since many are afraid to go to jail and be abused, people are following him because he appeals to their fear. In order to promote himself to the general population, he is putting his name on everything to make people view him as a strong and kind leader. Changes to Russia’s Society Stalin has turned the Soviet Union into a totalitarian state. He has turned Russia into a complex bureaucracy and has gotten rid of the many social classes, only the elite classes subside and have power (Ellis and Esler 445). He has also created a 5-year plan that he intends to follow, where there will be better transportation and increased agricultural output (Ellis and Esler 440). 

The government controls almost all economic and agricultural activity. He has also grouped together all of the farms to be under the control of the state, which means that landowners are no longer in charge of the farmland (“Revelations from the Russian Archives Internal Workings of the Soviet Union”). Overall, he has created a stronger economy but has taken a brutal pathway to achieve his goals. Assessment of Stalin’s Potential Threat to Democracies Joseph Stalin’s ideas are a threat to democracies because his views differ from traditional ones. 

He wants to control every aspect of the economy and believes that communism is the way to go. Under his rule, no one has freedom of speech and they can’t express their opinions without running it through the government first (Ellis and Esler 444). He has also created the 5-year plan, which was created in order to create a stronger economy and help Russia catch up with other nations (Ellis and Esler 440). He has a different stance on human rights and controls everything so that it fits his view. He has even set targets for workers to follow, and if they don’t complete everything, they get tortured and executed.       

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