Vocation: Who God Intends You to Be

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Be Just The Person You Are

It is often asked why a person would choose to do something or not do it, or why do they behave the way they do in certain situations. We are created by our divine maker to be just the person we are and with his guidance directing our steps we also are the person he guides us to be. We are not a mistake, we are not left to our own design when we follow Gods teachings. We are made in his image and by his breath we have life. To follow Christs teachings, we leave the guesswork out.

We do not choose our parents or the type of family we are born into no more than we choose the pattern of the sky. God has put us where we are with his divine plan for our life no matter if we are born into it or adopted and chosen by our parents. I was blessed to be born in a family that followed Gods teachings, love, mercy and disciplines. Growing up in a Christian household has formed my beliefs, structure, outlook, goals, asperations, and foundation for my life.

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The Influence of the Family

Family influence will shape how you think about things from beliefs, work habits, extracurricular activities, and even the friends you choose. I was taught to work hard, show up before you are scheduled to be there to show promptness and always aspire to do the best job you can because to do less is to cheat yourself and your reputation will follow you through your life. To this day I despise to be late for an event, work, or service. This scripture was referenced a lot in my childhood and I have found as a parent that it held true with my children as well. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. “(Proverbs 22:6, The New Kings James Version).

God’s Gift

Our lives are directed by God if we follow his teachings. “A man’s heart directs his way, but the Lord directs his steps” (Proverbs 16:9, The New Kings James Version). Our vocation in the kingdom is a gift that we are given and expected to use to his glory. God shows in his word that if we follow where he leads us we will be in his will.

The question of spiritual work vs secular work left me searching for how I do see this in my life. Previously not giving this much thought caused for some research and searching of the scriptures. “The doctrine of vocation has to do with the mystery of individuality, how God creates each human being to be different from all of the rest and gives each a unique calling in every stage of life.” (Jr., 2018). When God calls you to do a ministry he is leading, you to advance the kingdom and this can be found in secular work or in vocation.


In conclusion the work that God calls you in he expects you to give your all whether it be secular or the ministry. The ministry of God is not concluded by the position or gift he gives us it is by how we follow and use the gift he blessed us with. I would not be an effective pastor of a church if God did not call me to be a pastor no more than my Pastor would not be a good HR professional if he was not called to the profession. The one thing that makes you more spiritual than another is not by your profession or ministry it is by your relationship with God and how you allow him to use you.

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