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Voice technology has a significant impact on a person’s life. This technique has changed the way we buy or search the net. Now everything is done through voice. Voice devices like Alexa or Google Home have already gained popularity among people with basic tasks. So why not use these techniques in businesses? Even though voice technology has not seen that there have been many changes in the fields, but some industries have already shown talent with voice.

Healthcare Center: Healthcare center or industry is one of those important areas which should be given priority in advanced technology and innovation. Doctors can use this technique and there may be details of patients before and after and can be useful in future contexts. Senior citizens often suffer from problems related to depression, loneliness, and old age. It is also difficult for them to type or use a smartphone. So these voice devices will be very helpful for them. It can also be beneficial for them with a reminder (for example, reminding about medicines). Ambvaulances in England are already using voice technology. Using voice tools saves time in doing this necessary paperwork.

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Educational Institution: These voice devices have shown considerable interest among the student community. Since the device provides solutions to questions, it makes the children very excited and it will keep them busy. This allows students to get information in less time. A school in Maharashtra got Alexa device and the response of the students was different from their conversation with the teachers. Teachers have said that the students are giving more interest in the subjects and they are also happy to learn. This shows how these voice tools will help students.

Automobile Industry: At present, there are very few things that drivers can do while driving. Due to driver safety, drivers have limited access to the automobile industry. While driving, the hand-device driver will help you to easily reach without any distraction (texting). The automobile industry should do more innovation so that it can be very useful for drivers as there will be a different experience of driving in the future and it can soon work as an interface layer of our lives. Digital assistants are now competing for attention and consumers are also interested in these helpers. If it can make any changes to industry support, then it can be very productive. In the future, our work (behavior) will be similar to offices and home affairs. And voice technology will be important.

Gaming Industry: It is Fortnight or Pub, these multiplayer games have developed very well. There should be a voice app for gaming industries that can communicate between players. Since the beginning of this voice in gaming, these games are now at the top level of this industry. People around the world can chat.

Banking Industry: Most banks and financial institutions are now giving Chabot as a part of the development services to take advantage of Voice Technology. Customers can use voice commands to perform various tasks such as account balancing, receiving transaction history and even paying.

IndusInd Bank has launched its Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Alexa Skills, which will help in making financial and non-financial transactions by giving voice commands to its customer. It helps clients make transactions quickly and efficiently. In the coming years, the bank will use the voice assistant completely and the human assistant will be reduced.

Hospitality Industry: The best example for this industry is JW Marriot. Amazon has launched – ‘Amazon for hospitality’. This means that guests can talk to the device and control various aspects of your room, such as lights, heating and music. In the future, these industries are going to develop such facilities that will help in developing the hospitality industry.

Transport: Voice technology is emerging and transportation is an industry where customers can experience the importance of voice. If we can integrate with voice, it will be easy to book tickets. Customers can get answers related to the next available options, transportation routes, time and more facilities.

As we can see the changes in these industries, there are many possibilities for improvement. Tech companies are looking for opportunities and improving innovations. On the one hand, we see the huge demand of these techniques and yes we need to adopt innovation, on the other hand, it will not be as it is in the future as it is now. Despite these amazing benefits of sound technology, it has not been included in all industries. It’s just a beginning and can be expected to happen a lot in the future. If we currently take advantage of ourselves, then a lot of benefits can be taken in the future!  

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