Volleyball and Its Benefits as a College Campus Activity

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Campus activities include social gatherings like clubs, sporting, and religious groups. All these are crucial to a campus student for this is where friendships are made, and the student also gets real life teachings of how to deal with people from different social backgrounds. Every campus student in the few years they are on campus should make sure that they are involved in at least one campus activity to enjoy the full campus experience (Alshuwaikhat and Abubakar, 2008). Recreational facilities and programs in campuses are usually key factors when students are making decisions on which campus to apply for their graduate programs (National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association, 2009).

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The campus activity to be discussed in the essay is volleyball. This is a sporting activity that involves two teams with each team having six members. It is an extremely competitive game when played professionally but in institutions of higher education’s; most people opt for other sporting activities like soccer. This makes the games readily available to those people who consider themselves shy. It is among the simplest campus activities one can get involved. The game is not highly vigorous therefore those people who regard themselves as not good with sports, they have no excuse not to involve themselves in volleyball. One just needs to hit the ball over a net using their hands. Volleyball is one of campus recreational activities that have a positive impact on sense of belonging for students and retention (National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association, 2009).

Volleyball as a campus activity helps students connect better with their campus. This starts with team loyalty when team members go to face other campus teams. One has no choice but support their team while facing other rival teams. When the volleyball team performance is outstanding, one will have the urge to be associated with the school for its glory. This enhances the student’s connection to the school to the level that even long after they cleared, they still want to have an association with the school (Yu-feng, 2004). The volleyball activities help build bonds between team members and fans as well. The relationship leads to the formation of a community with volleyball as the thing they have in common. This community will have a strong association that will extend after completing school. There is also the possibly of a couple meeting through volleyball and end up marrying each other.

Some students join campus without knowing where their strength in extra curriculum activities is. For them, it may seem late in life to discover one's talent, but it is never late to figure this out. Volleyball offers this opportunity to such students to discover their talents. Some will end up going professional and earn their living from volleyball. Employers while going over sent resumes for job positions, they have a strong consideration to those people involve in extra curriculum activities. Volleyball can be considered as one, and it may be the edge that one will need over another applicant to get into job positions. This is found in some organizations because they may be willing to create a volleyball team. School resources will not go to waste if they are dedicated to activities like volleyball. Resources that would otherwise fall into greedy hands are directed to a worthy course like volleyball.

Finally, volleyball helps keep campus students occupied. The time that could be spent doing things that are not important is dedicated to volleyball. Some students will be saved from criminal activities that would affect their lives negatively. Therefore, volleyball is not a total waste of precious study time. In its way, it helps improve the character of students because academic excellence is not the only thing one gains after campus life.

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