Volleyball: Game that Needs Athletic Players

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Volley ball is a popular sport, which is known around the world. Two teams of six compete against each other. The aim of the game is to get the ball on the ground of the other team on the other side of the net. There are two cards in volleyball, a yellow card and a red card. Yellow card is common in volleyball matches it mostly happens when a foul it repeated more than once intentionally or there is no sportsmanship or rude insulting happening between the teams or any problem that is going on in the game. 

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Players can take a red card if they are caught cheating or the hurt someone intentionally or if they do something so serious that after taking a yellow card he did not stop. The order they go in is a verbal warning if there is a minor offense, a yellow card if the minor offense is repeated twice, and a red card If there was a serious offense or if the player took 2 yellow cards or if he did 3 minor offenses. And when the player takes a red card, he or she must leave the game and out of the court and they receive a suspension from intramural competition. (university, 2017).

Volleyball is a game that needs athletic players because it is filled with a lot of work and the players should have a lot of endurance so they can hold on against the other team. so, there are several exercises and warmups you must do so you can be good in volleyball and good in shooting. First you must do some running you can do several laps if you there is a yard or a field, running will help your cardiovascular system and it makes your body ready for any exercises because it makes the blood start flowing faster. After running you should do some stretches on the upper extremity and the lower extremity and you must do the stretches seriously because stretches help in flexibility and they reduce that chance of getting cramps in your muscles. When you finish these warm-ups, you must start doing the actual exercises. 

First to work on the legs you have to do lunges ( 3 sets of 20) after the lunges you have to do jumping jacks ( 3 sets of 50) then you have to do some rope skipping (5 sets of 30 secs) after you finish the legs you have to go up to the abdominal workout. First you have to do sit ups (3 sets of 50) then you have to do the plank ( 3 times, first time 30 secs, then 40 sec, then 45 secs) the plank helps you in your muscular endurance because you are trying to hold on the weight of your body for an amount of time. Then you must work on your arms you have to do some push ups (6 sets of 25) then you must do dumbbell raises (3 sets of 25). After you finish these exercises and any other exercises you want to add you are finished with the self exercises now for the next exercises you need to grab a partner so you can do them. (Coffey, 2013). 

First you can practise your accuracy and your shooting by having a partner stand in front of you by a few meters and practise shooting the ball to him and try to play of from one touch and you can count how many times you kept the ball in the air and you can keep repeating it until you think you have beaten your score. It is recommended that you stand a foot or two away from your partner for the best experience because staying close will help you focus on the ball. The second exercise or drill is called toss to move it is played by having a partner in front of you they pass to you the ball but they don’t give you the ball directly they do it to the right a bit or to the left a bit, the aim of the game is to make you move so if he did it the right you will have to move to the right if he did it to the left you will have to go to the left. 

Another drill is called sit-up partner setting, this drill is a combination of sit-ups and passing the ball, you do it by doing normal sit-ups but when you are sitting up (when you are not lying on the ground) your partner passes for you the ball and you pass the ball back then do another sit-up and do the same thing again and you can do 6 sets of 25. Also if you have a net and you want to practise your shooting and you want to exercise your arm and feet you can pick an extremity to work on; so you can pick what you want to play with, you can decide on working with your left hand only or right hand only and that helps with the footwork and your arms. (whitney_185, 2019) (Partner Volleyball Control Drills (2 people), n.d.).

5-1 offense game, the 5 represents the number of hitters inside the court and the number 1 represents the number of setters. (null, 2017). In the game there is 6 spots each one of the players have position, so first player number 1 is the right-back, player number 2 is the right-front, player number 3 is the mid-front, player number 4 is the left-front, player number 5 is the left-back, and finally player number 6 is the mid-back. Player number 1. Now we know the position but let find out what their roles are. 

So, first player number 1 is S the S represents the setter, the setter is one of the most positions in volley ball the setter oversees the offense. Player number 2 is called H1 and he could also be called L1 and he represents the first outside hitter and he is called H1 because he is the closest to the setter. There is another outside hitter called H2 or can be called L2 and he is called H2 because he is further away from the setter and that position is position number 5. 

H1 is known to be a stronger hitter than the H2, H2 is a better passer and all of that is because of there position on the court. And in the middle in position 3 and 6 we can find our midst, player number 6 is called M1 because he is closer to the setter and that is why player number 3 is called M2. The M1 will be a stronger attacker compared to M2 who is better in passing because in the rotation is will not have the best location for attacking. And finally, player number 4 is called the R and the R represents the right-side attacker and he could also be called the opposite hitter. Most of the time the R is the strongest attacker on the team. (self, 2016).

The match between Poland and Brazil was a strong match both Poland and Brazil were hard with there hits and they always kept coming back and they did not give as we know there are 3 sets in volley ball. And the scores between Poland and Brazil were close. In the start of the match the 6 players went from each team. from Poland Bieniek went right back as the setter, Dryzga went right front as the first outside hitter, Kubiak went mid-front as the midst, Nowakowski went left-front as the right-side attacker, Kurek went to left-back as the second outside hitter and Szalpuk went mid-back as the Libero, and their coach is called Vital Heynen. 

For Brazil, Souza went right-back as the setter, Saatkamp went right-front as the first outside hitter, De Souza went mid-front as the midst, Fonteles went left-front as the right-side attacker and finally Rezende went mid-back as the libero, and their coach was called Renan Dal Zotto. The first set had a duration of 35 minutes, Poland had won with 26 points and Brazil lost with 26 points. There comebacks were strong between both teams. Poland had done 15 attacks on Brazil, and Brazil had done 15 attacks on Poland, it was close between them only 1 attack more to Poland and for the blocks, Poland blocked 5 of the shots that Brazil shot on it. 

However, Brazil only blocked 1 hence why Brazil lost in the first set. Each on of the teams did 2 serves each. Poland did 6 opp. Error and Brazil did 9 opp. Errors and that is why in this first set Poland performed better than brazil. The second set lasted 29 minutes. In the second set Poland still had the advantage as they had 25 points compared to Brazil who only had 20 points. Poland attacked 17 times and Brazil attacked 16 times, Poland blocked 2 of Brazils shots and Brazil blocked 1 of Poland’s shots, Poland served once, and Poland did 5 opp.

 Errors, and Brazil did 3 opp. Error. The match was a strong match both the teams both teams were blocking each other’s shots and there was a lot of spiking and defending. As in the full game Poland spiked the ball 43 times and Brazil spiked the ball 45 times. The strategy of the coach was that when the ball get served stay next to the net and defend the ball so it does not pass to the other side and if it did pass to the other side don’t make it touch the ground and go near the net and set it for a player and make him spike it on the other team hoping that they would not defend it. So, at the end Poland won by 78 points and Brazil lost by 69 points, Poland won in all the three sets so in this game Poland deserved the to win as the whole team worked together in unison and they were committed. (FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship, n.d.) (MATCH CENTRE, n.d.) (ianov, 2018)

Volley is a great game that is played by everyone all over the world it needs a lot of body work and mental intelligence so your team could be the winning team who had got the ball to the other team ground. In the game the ball moves very fast that people can’t manage to keep track of everything because the game moves so fast.  

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