Walmart: Experience of Purchases and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Walmart has placed numerous stores in all the fifty states in America, and in over twenty-seven other countries around the world. Because of Sam Walton, Walmart originated in the year of 1962 in a tiny town known as Bentonville, Arkansas. The small local discount retailer has grown to be one of the largest retailers in the world after only thirty years. Walmart has one of the most diverse groups of employees that many can only imagine, and for this it prides itself. This is support that can help prove Walmart to be beneficial to the community. The majority of Walmart stores are the pillars and support that provide a constant flow of consumers to the smaller businesses in the area. Apart from providing the people in and around the location with quality occupations, Walmart brings satisfaction, affordable prices, and assistance to those in need.

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The quality jobs associated with Walmart supply employment and income to the residents of the local community. A small retailer is such as a family-run business can only offer very few jobs and limited room for upward growth for their employees, while one Walmart alone can provide about five hundred positions of employment. Acquiring a position at Walmart comes with competitive pay rates similar benefit packages to other retailers. Hard working Walmart employees are even provided with openings for advancement within the store, department, and corporation. Obtaining a low-level position at Walmart can help members of the community to earn money and gain work experience that can help one to acquire their ideal profession. For many, working at Walmart is a temporary job that is helping them get by, but for other it is the start of their career.

In addition, Walmart makes the community feel like a more uplifting neighborhood to be a part of by providing numerous individuals with positions of employment and opportunities for growth and development. The sheer size of Walmart permits the retailer to arrange finer pricings from manufacturers and shipping companies, which allows them to pass the savings to the customer. Many small retailers are unable to compete with Walmart’s low prices. This is because Walmart has a larger selection which allows them to maintain their low prices. However, Walmart does compete with larger specialty retailers for example, Home Depot, Lowes, Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods, PetSmart, and Petco. Because of their size, these retailers are also able to make deals like Walmart with manufacturing and shipping companies to keep low prices. This drives Walmart to maintain their prices as low as feasible. The low prices offered by Walmart not only assist the community in today’s day in age, but it also aids families to lay out a brighter future for their young ones.

Walmart saves the shoppers time and energy by providing them with a large selection of products in one single building rather than making them go from store to store for different items. With its large variety of products, an individual can achieve an entire weekend’s shopping in one day at one place. Alongside of the store, one can fill their gasoline tank with gas at the gas station, then leave the vehicles at the automobile center for fresh new tires and a tune up. However, rather than wasteful hours of waiting at a car dealership, a family can accomplish a day’s tasks. A usual family trip to Walmart may consists of the following: a mother roaming the food section to gather groceries for dinner, go to the bakery for desserts, and receive a new prescription at the pharmacy. The father may proceed to the bank to deposit is paycheck, look for new tools, find a new ceiling fan, and buy dog food from the pet aisle. The children may entertain themselves with toys, electronics and look at the fish in the pet aisle section. It provides the mechanics with time to fix the vehicle and the family to collect their necessities and have fun while exploring the store. The convenience of having everything in a single location not only gives the family time to shop while their vehicle is being maintained but also saves money, and provides fun for everyone

Furthermore, Walmart provides relief efforts to the needy with charitable organizations, proving it to be beneficial to the community. Many times throughout the month, people working with civic organizations can be found outside of the store raising awareness and/or fundraising for a good cause. When Walmart employees are in terrible situations and are in great need, Walmart is there to aid by providing grants and access to many helpful programs. Walmart has been selfless enough to donate millions of dollars to charities yearly. When natural disasters take place, Walmart is very helpful to the affected community and the victims. For example, Wal-Mart has lend out a helping hand to the tsunami in Japan, multiple earthquakes around the globe, and to American tornado relief programs. Wal-Mart by the side of the Wal-Mart Foundation is always there to contribute money, resources, and support when a crisis strikes.

Despite many people having negative views, Walmart’s presence definitely has a positive result on the community. It does not matter if one is wealthy or underprivileged, there is always a loved and welcomed “variety of abundance” for everyone under a single roof. Not only does Walmart save shoppers time and money, but it greatly contributes the local economy where they are located, by providing jobs and countless opportunities to the community. Walmart also plays a large role in aiding local, national, and worldwide charities with its generous partnerships and foundations. Apart from these benefits, who can argue with the complete cheerful trip to this retail store and all of its diversity? You cannot find a better place, save money, live better, Walmart.  

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