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Stepping off the bus, almost in a flash, a ray of light glistens lightly on my temple. I examine the metallic walls that entertain the sun from all directions. The sun leaving its trail as it bends from one wall to the other. I step inside the shimmering walls, consuming me with its enchantment. I smell the celestial aroma that spark the bones holding my formーbolts electrifying the platform of my feet. My mind captivated by what the Walt Disney Concert Hall had to unravel.

A bliss of tranquility welted my soul as I stepped inside the colossal theatre. Silence penetrated the thoughts that buzzed, that vibrated within the Hall. Silence engulfing me with it’s dark tender warmth. Suddenly I forget; I forget the organs that function within my rib cage. I forget the oxygen that enters through my nostrils and the carbon dioxide that exits. I forget the day I learned how to ride my bike. I forget the day I learned how to speak English. I forget my very own existence. Silence greeted me with its thunderous voice.

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Sitting, preparing for our performance; I hear silence slowing the thoughts that race through my head. Suddenly, I am able to see the warm dazzling lights glistening over me. The bright radiant wooden floors that reflect every movement. The ceiling so high and glorious above me, holding all the beaming lights as if the stars came to visit. The crescendoing ceiling that reaches heaven as it gets farther. The casual warm blue glinting rays that gently excel from two openings in the farther back side corners. My instrument mirroring the ceiling, arching its light and accentuating its brightness. Instantly, I am aware of the crowd sitting before me, but only seeing the illuminating lights reflecting off of their bright open eyes. Revealing a dark compacted sky filled with rows of clustering stars. I hear the signal that indicates our time to play.

I observe the familiar sheet of music seated before me, anxious to be played. Silence speaks the chords of the major falls, overwhelming my ears; hearing nothing but the chords. The fourth, then the fifth. I feel the diminished chords enclosing me. The heavens are roaring. I feel the tension, then the release. Then it was over. The glinting blue lights fade; the glossy wooden floors turn to matte. It was time to leave the divine hall.

I left the concert hall knowing I took some silence with me, leaving behind the resonating melody throbbing within the sublime piano pipes. Leaving behind my thoughts, taking back a new outlook that I was deprived from. Seeing the dimensions of beauty that can’t be imitated. The beauty that is behind the obvious, like the silence that is after a thunderstorm. The silence of all thoughts being self same yet not in sync. Silence fascinating me with its secret message to life that clutches the band that disguises life’s and natures unelaborated picture.

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