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When you think of war, conflict and terrorism the army always come to my mind I think this is due to them having to deal with these issues on a daily basis once they are stationed in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan and other conflict stricken places as they are there to try and defeat the enemy. The way the army deals with terrorism is much different to the way any other public service would as they deal with it on a daily basis unlike the police who only deal with terrorism a lot less seeing as U.K police only dealt with 5 cases off terrorist attacks and they are; the Westminster attack, Manchester bombing, London Bridge and Market attack, Pedestrians hit outside off a mosque and a blast on the London underground train. These was one of the worst year for terror attacks in the UK but if you contrast what the army have to deal with then it’s only a small amount in comparison for example, today suicide bombers killed at least 38 people in a terrorist attack in the centre off Baghdad at a market where people try to find work. Luckily for us we only have to read about this in the news and see it on TV but for the army they see it first hand and have to live with seeing that for the rest of their lives and for some soldiers it can be too much and when they come home they can have mental disorders for such as depression and PTSD is a one that a lot of soldiers have to deal with due to what they see. In 2014 Ben farmer stated that ‘The number of personal diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder rose by nearly a fifth in 2013’ which is a shocking statistic. The Falklands war was a short war that happened on an island 8,000 miles away near Argentina and during the fighting 255 British soldiers lost their lives over the sovereignty of the small island due to Argentina invading the island; this war caused many deaths on both sides. War on terror” is what former president Bush declared after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

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This involved covert missions; stop the money going into terrorist organisations and new security legislation. The main countries, that are fighting organisations, such as ISIS and al Qaeda are the US, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Russia and Turkey.The countries work together by communicating with each other and also coordinating with each other on missions and strikes for example, the US and the partners in the coalition targeted ISIS with 8216 air strikes, this would have taken a lot of coordination with other countries. In conclusion I feel that War, conflict and terrorism has a very negative effect on today’s society but has an even worse effect on our soldiers who have to see the horrors on a daily basis. When Conflict happens it undermines or destroys the environment, it harms people and makes it very hard to sustain crops businesses and other developments.

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