The Issue of Good Muslim Society and War on Terror

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  • The Struggle to Build a Good Muslim Society
  • AQAP
  • ISIS
  • The Reasons Behind That Can be Either:

The Struggle to Build a Good Muslim Society

When we talk about Islam, we are talking about a religion with a diverse history full of struggle, cultures & traditions, rituals and believe me, to follow those rituals is not everyone's cup of tea. Islam has the largest number of followers after Christianity, its roots are there in almost all the continents. But due to some paranoids, psychopaths, Islam has faced lot of criticism all-round the world, there's an ill perception amongst the people towards the Islam, but did anyone try to trace the catastrophe cataclysm faced by Islamic population during different decades. I have often noticed that people actually don't know the meaning of JIHAD, and whenever they hear the word JIHAD, they usually links it up with Terrorism. So, before proceeding further, let's understand the actual meaning of word Jihad. The literal meaning of Jihad is struggle or effort, and it means much more than holy war. Muslims use the word Jihad to describe three different kinds of struggle: a believer's internal struggle to live out the Muslim faith as well as possible.

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Holy war: the struggle to defend Islam, with force if necessary Many modern writers claim that the main meaning of Jihad is the internal spiritual struggle, and this is accepted by many Muslims. However there are so many references to Jihad as a military struggle in Islamic writings that it is incorrect to claim that the interpretation of Jihad as holy war is wrong. The phrase internal Jihad or greater Jihad refers to the efforts of a believer to live their Muslim faith as well as possible. All religious people want to live their lives in the way that will please their God. So Muslims make a great effort to live as Allah has instructed them; following the rules of the faith, being devoted to Allah, doing everything they can to help other people. For most people, living God's way is quite a struggle.

God sets high standards, and believers have to fight with their own selfish desires to live up to them, no matter how much they love God.The five Pillars of Islam as Jihad. The five Pillars of Islam form an exercise of Jihad in this sense, since a Muslim gets closer to Allah by performing them.Other ways in which a Muslim engages in the 'greater Jihad' could include:

  • Learning the Qur'an by heart, or engage in other religious study.
  • Overcoming things such as anger, greed, ha- tred, liride, or malice.
  • Giving uli smoking.
  • Cleaning the floor of the mosque.
  • Taking liart in Muslim community activities.
  • Working for social justice.

Forgiving someone who has hurt them.The Greater Jihad controversyThe Prophet is said to have called the internal Jihad the "greater Jihad". On his return from a battle, the Prophet said: "We are finished with the lesser jihad; now we are starting the greater jihad." He explained to his followers that fighting against an outer enemy is the lesser jihad and fighting against one's self is the greater jihad (holy war).Holy warWhen Muslims, or their faith or territory are under attack, Islam permits (some say directs) the believer to wage military war to protect them. However Islamic (sharia) law sets very strict rules for the conduct of such a war. In recent years the most common meaning of Jihad has been Holy War. And there is a long tradition of Jihad being used to mean a military struggle to benefit Islam.What can justify Jihad?There are a number of reasons, but the Qur'an is clear that self-defense is always the underlying cause.Permissible reasons for military Jihad:

  • Self-defense
  • Strengthening Islam
  • lirotecting the freedom of Muslims to lirac tice their faith
  • lirotecting Muslims against oliliression, which could include overthrowing a tyrannical ruler
  • liunishing an enemy who breaks an oath
  • liutting right a wrongWhat a Jihad is notA war is not a Jihad if the intention is to:
  • Force lieolile to convert to Islam
  • Conquer other nations to colonize them
  • Take territory for economic gain
  • Settle disliutes

Demonstrate a leader's power Although the Prophet engaged in military action on a number of occasions, these were battles to survive, rather than conquest, and took place at a time when fighting between tribes was common.Since the end of the Second World War in 1945 there is a growing frustration in the Arab and Muslim world as a result of the relapse of the Muslim and Arab countries despite their enormous wealth, especially in oil. The first decades after the World War II the Arabs channeled their ambitions to prosperity and political international power through Arab Socialism, for example the Nasserism in Egypt and the Baath' in Syria and Iraq.

The continuous deterioration in economy and human rights under so called ‘socialist' leaders strengthen the general feeling that only true Islam can restore the glory of the early days of Islam and the dignity of all the Muslims in the world.All over the Muslim community, a new ideology emerged and is preached by Muslim clergy. A – The destiny of the Muslims, their wealth and their future were hijacked by the reach Western world for its benefits.B – The greedy Western world drew, therefore, the borders of the Arab world to divide the Arab Muslims, supporting corrupt Arab regimes – all in order to continue the exploitation of the Muslim world.C – Israel was deliberately planted in the Middle East by Western powers to serve as an outpost in the Muslim World in order to protect Western interests on Arab and Muslim soil.D – That shameful exploitation of Muslims can be stopped only by removing all the corrupted Arab regimes from power, clear the Muslim world from all foreign interests and presence and regain control on Muslim soil and wealth.The modern Global Jihad of the 21th century, with the intent to wage war against non-Muslims in the whole world, is directed especially against Christians, Jews and Western Democracies. The Global Jihad, in its current form as a violent war against Crusaders (Christians) and Jews, is an unpredictable consequence of major events, which occurred in 1979.

The war in Afghanistan, which breached out in 1979, and the defeat of the mighty Soviet Army there in 1988. It was the American CIA and the notorious Pakistani Intelligence – ISI that reinvented and twisted the term Jihad as a Holy War against all non-Muslims (since Russians were Christians and therefore are not referred to in the original Jihad) in order to recruit thousands of Muslims to the war against the Russians from all over the world. Ironically the term Jihad, as it is understood today, was invented partially by non-Muslims – the American CIA.ESTABLISHMENT OF ISISAl-Qaeda was the most prominent terrorist organization in the world till the establishment of ISIS. Al-Qaeda was the parent organization of almost all the terrorist groups, it had many branches in different regions, but the top 3 divisions with their regional and political significance were:


This branch of Al-Qaeda is considered as the most active division among all the branches. Their regular involvement in the Syrian and Yemen crisis makes them eligible for the most ruthless among all. It is also believed that due to some internal factions during Bin Laden's reign, some groups from AQAP distant themselves and later this group emerged as ISIS. UTHLESS TERRORIST ORGANIZATION: ISIS ISIS has emerged as not just the most ruthless of the Sunni jihadist organization in Iraq & Syria; it is also the most successful. ISIS is so extreme that other well-known, radical Islamist and jihadist groups have not only distanced themselves from ISIS, they have also publicly condemned ISIS's actions and even fought ISIS fighters directly that includes


ISIS jihadist commit violence against fellow Muslims in violation of Islamic law; they routinely commit war crimes and engage in torture in violation of international law; and they also kill & threaten Christian & Jewish and other religious communities. In short, ISIS is composed of religiously motivated psychopaths. Not only are ISIS leaders and fighters ruthless, but they also have obtained sufficient material assets to support a standing military force. They possess the will to use weapons of mass destruction to carry out their fanatical aims. They're no longer terrorist gang, but a terrorist army possessing greater striking power than any terrorist force in the Arab region, greater striking power than AL-QAEDA ever possessed. Ominously, this terrorist army is proving to be irresistibly attractive to a subset of British and American Muslim men, with hundreds (if not thousands) flock to the black flag of jihad. By some estimates up to three hundred Americans currently fight for ISIS, all of them now enemy combatants against their own country. Britain faces an even worse crisis, with more of its Muslims young men volunteering to fight for ISIS than volunteering to serve in their own country's armed forces. But because the world is full of Islamist apologists for Islamic terror, it's critical to enumerate ISIS's crimes, including its crime against Muslim law. After all the fight against jihadist terror requires Muslim allies. One key to turning the tide against AL-QAEDA during the surge was persuading mass numbers of Sunni men to take up arms against terror, including some to change sides in the fight. These "sons of Iraq," part of the so-called Sunni Awakening, left the jihadists with nowhere to hide, allowing American soldiers to find and fight the enemy where it lived. This is tremendous value in enlisting Muslim allies against jihad, allies like the Peshmerga in Kurdistan. At the same time, however, we must take great care in selecting those allies. While the Peshmerga have proven themselves, many of the so-called "MODERATE" Muslim rebels in Syria are nearly as bad as ISIS. In fact, there are now reports that these "moderates" may have kidnapped and sold American journalist Steven Sotloff to ISIS to be beheaded. Some of these "moderates" actively cooperates with Al-Qaeda and ISIS.Still, the Muslim world must know the truth about ISIS. It must see that its strength (which is sadly attractive to many young Muslim men) comes about only through systematic violation of the very Muslim laws it claims to uphold, creating a world that is unbearably violent and oppressive for the citizens of jihadist- held territory.

The Reasons Behind That Can be Either:

  1. They were deelily affected by the U.S. liolic of detention and torture in concentration camlis.
  2. Deliressed by the death of their whole families and relatives.
  3. Wrecked national economy.
  4. Due to the logic of fighting for safeguarding their land, religion and rights against external forces.

All the militant groups all round the world have either some motive or agenda to be attained, for their establishment. There are lots of organizations who posed to be a threat to the international community, but how did IS manage to influence peoples from different states all round world at such a large scale and is currently one of the dangerous threats ever posed to the security of any country.

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