Was the Cold War Inevitable and the Reasons Why


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There are many questions raised concerning the taciturn confrontation amid U.S.A and U.S.S.R. People still raise concerns about whether the cold war was unavoidable and if so, what the factors that made it inevitable were. The cold war was coined on politically aware, monetary as well as hoopla façades and had merely incomplete resort towards armaments. The name was initially brought up by Orwell George inside his editorial that was printed back then in 1945 to denote in his projected atomic deadlock that was going to occur between two to three superior countries was said to have the ability to kill a larger population in the case that it was executed. Was was the cold war inevitable ? Yes, the cold war was inevitable due to various factors with capitalist and communist ideologies being the major ones.

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After Germany’s Nazi capitulated in 1945 at the culmination of the Second World War, a perturbed war pact amid U.S.A and Britain versus U.S.S.R became uncovered. In 1948, U.S.S.R had managed to establish reformist administrations in the republics in the east of Europe which had been previously freed by the Red Army (Britannica, 2019). The Americas and British developed qualms that the perpetual Soviet ascendency of the east of Europe and the risk of Soviet prejudiced Stalinist parties impending to authority in the egalitarianisms of west of Europe. Conversely, the Soviets were resolute to uphold authority over Eastern Europe to provide security alongside whichever conceivable reintroduced intimidation from the Germans and again they were committed on dissemination of communalism globally, principally for sociopolitical explanations. The Cold War, amid 1947-48, had magnified when the U.S support presented underneath the Marshall Plan towards west of Europe had gotten those nation-states below the power of America while the Soviets had set up amenably socialist governments in Eastern Europe. This was the origin of the Cold War between the Americas and the Soviets.

The Cold War peaked in 1948 to 1953. At such a period, the Soviets had unproductively obstructed the seized regions of west of Berlin in 1948-1949. On the other hand, the U.S together with her associates from Europe made the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which was an amalgamated soldierly command to counterattack the existence of the Soviets in Europe in 1949. During this same year, the Soviets detonated the first fissionable warhead and hence terminated the domination by the Americas regarding thermonuclear explosive (Dobbs, 2012). In the very years, the Chinese Marxists raised to supremacy in continental China. In 1950, the regime of North Korea, which had backing from the Soviets, attacked South Korea which was buttressed by the United States and this set out an irresolute Korean War that persisted till 1953.

Between 1953 and 1957, the tautness that was caused by the Cold War vanished mainly due to the bereavement of Stalin Joseph who was a long-time Soviet autocrat. However, a stalemate was maintained. The Soviet alliance republics formed an incorporated martial body that they referred to as Warsaw Pact during 1955. During the same year, West Germany was registered in the NATO. The other intensified period of the icy conflict was during 1959-1962. U.S.A and the Soviet Union began crafting transnational surface-to-air armaments and during 1962 the Soviets started to clandestinely set up armaments in Cuba that may be used to blastoff atomic bouts on the United States conurbations. This, in turn, glimmered the Cuban projectile catastrophe in 1962, a skirmish that got the two powerful states to the edge of combat afore a treaty was gotten to extract the armaments (WJM, 2018). This crisis exhibited that both U.S.A and U.S.S.R remained averse about using nuclear-powered armaments since they dreaded each other’s vengeance and thus of reciprocated thermonuclear obliteration. It made the two power bloc to sign the Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty the following year, which consequently disqualified inflight atomic armament tests. Nevertheless, the crunch toughened the Soviets’ fortitude to at no time be chastened by their army subservience and therefore they started a backlog of mainland and premeditated militaries that the U.S was required to contest for the subsequent two and a half decades (WJM, 2018). Something that is noted during the whole epoch of the warfare was that both U.S.A and the Soviet Union circumvented undeviating army clashes in European countries and betrothed in authentic battle maneuvers merely to preserve partners from decamping to the other side or overthrowing them after so doing.

Some people argue if the confrontation between U.S.A and U.S.S.R was unavoidable. Well, the dualistic countries never became acquainted with each other unexpectedly in 1942. Both the U.S and Soviet together had had philosophical and governmental opposition directed towards each other for some time previously. The founding fathers to the Soviet Union had previously foretold that they would form part of the world’s insurrection and thus undo capitalist system that was practiced in the United States and other European countries. Due to this reason, the Soviets perceived themselves as being necessarily in disagreement with the government of the United States, if not its people.

Stalin is always blamed for not allowing the world to enjoy a peaceable post-war period. Stalin came from a society that believed in comprehensive communalism and had his own Leninism in a single state theory. For this reason, it is not unbearable to trust that he might have pseudo-typical relationships with the western sphere, had he not stood delusionally unreasonable and authoritarian. Additionally, it seems improbable that the U.S could have been contented with the contending authority being unconcealed, principally if it might remain strong-minded that the two countries had conflicting securities.

There remained a very mean chance that the world powers would fail to crash especially after the U.S.S.R started oppressing the eastern Europeans. Stalin vindicated the subjugation by mentioning the gore and paragon his army expended battling the fascist maintenance of these nations. At this point, the U.S reacted the same way a lucid state would act by attempting to safeguard its supremacy from an untrusted confrontational country . A person would think that the human rights cruelties of the Soviet bloc and authoritarianism of civil autonomies had a hand in the pronouncement to comprehend their range of impact; however, this is uncompromising discerning.

The environment surrounding the relationship in the middle of these two global giants show signs of them becoming conflicting supremacies. It is believed that the Soviet Union could have taken an alternative direction had they have been led by Roosevelt and Truman though both men initially trusted Stalin. Nonetheless, the conviction is said to be a reciprocal emotion and Stalin was never credulous and neither was he ruling centered on trust. It was improbable that conflicts might be circumvented after his strategies were clear. This character by Stalin is blamed for being a hindrance to the development of a diplomatic post-war sphere.

The cold war was unavoidable majorly due to the dissimilarities that exist between capitalist and communists philosophies. Nonetheless, it is not easy to spotlight who exactly is to blame when it comes to the Cold War. Several factors are said to have intrigued the Cold War. Majority of the historians’ perceptions concerning the Cold War vary a lot. Some would blame the Soviets for being interventionist to the west and thus triggered the United States to give a counteraction in attempts to safeguard their jurisdiction. Stalin is said to have dishonored the Yalta as well as the Potsdam treaties. Stalin subjugated and enforced Soviet control to Eastern Europe and also was scheduled to extent communalism to the entire world with Moscow being the central point. This is according to the Orthodox point of view.

The Revisionists have a different opinion altogether since they blamed the United States. They perceive the intentions behind the United States’ extraneous strategy as fundamentally interconnected to the wants of capitalism. By considering the opinions of the different historians, it is apparent that the cold war was perceived as the solitary want for self-preservation that had made the two superpowers to drown in their dissimilarities. Nevertheless, much of the pressures that happened during the time of the cold war are ascribed to Stalin’s strategy of external businesses since he wanted to take advantage of the Soviets’ inferior army. Because of this reason, the Soviets wanted to fight back and show their might when it came to war.

The other factor that can be attributed to the cold war is the divergence in governmental and financial interests. U.S.A and U.S.S.R are said to have been brought together due to the oppression that the Nazi of Germany imposed on people. They had one goal which was to kick out the regime that was steered by Hitler. Now providing there were having a similar interest, they remained together to achieve their goal. Once the common enemy was conquered, the two countries had no reason to stick together and thus every one decided to focus on individual interests thus causing completion. Another factor is the George Kennan’s extensive cablegram to the state sector that defined the repression strategy. Kennan thought that the Soviets were flabby partners for the U.S and campaigned for partition of Europe into American and Soviets regions of impact. The other factor is that the two countries had different philosophies and there was no way they were going to mrry (Dobbs, 2012).

The cold war was unavoidable and had several causative factors. The chief factors are that the two countries had different ideologies that could never marry one considering servitude and the other freedom. Stalin is blamed for being the man behind the cold war due to his evil policies concerning foreign affairs. He wanted to take advantage of the inferiority of the Soviets army, who decided to fight back. The other reason is that after the defeat of the common enemy who was the Nazi of Germany, the two countries preserved no unifying factor and instead started fighting for individual interests. 

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