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Watching Various People Who Play Golf

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Birds chirp, singing freely. Grass moves as gently as a turtle with that sweet breeze that refreshes my whole body. Sun hides at times behind those enormous clouds, yet he peeks to observe once in a while. However, at times, the area is more silent than we expect it to be. I live in a place where my backyard takes a view of the Gypsum Creek Golf Course. Every day I sit outside and watch all types of people play. Every day is different. Dissimilar by the behavior of each person, the age ranges, the types of ethnicity, and the surprising weather.

As I observed for the past 5 days, the behavior is probably a big difference that I noticed. All the golfers seem to have a different mentality. Some prefer to walk and take their sweet time playing. Just like there are also golfers that prefer to drive their cart, so their game can move more efficiently. Those that walk, smile with joy and from what I can see, sometimes they seem to have more fun. The ones using the carts also have that joyful smile, don’t get me wrong. They have enthusiasm for the game. Some golfers take the game a bit more serious and they react to every aspect of the game. They expect things to be perfect, including their surroundings. All different characters, but at the end, they all play the game right and end it how it should always be. Once a game is done, even though some of those people are exhausted from playing all day, they go to the club house to eat some delicious food. The restaurant serves appetizers (wings, calamari, etc.), lunch (sandwiches, hamburgers, etc.), dinner (steak, chicken, soups). The aroma spreads like a cloud of fire… sets a fire of hunger to the golfers and it’s really impossible to not go and get something to eat. After all, they’re just treating themselves.

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I then set my eyes on all type of ages that come to play golf. There are young children, adolescents, young adults, mid adults, and even older adults. As it seems, they all come for the same purpose; to play golf. There was a tournament for youth last week. The golf course was very full! Children were all very excited; they began to play. Some acted very maturely and with a definite purpose to win. The other half of kids were there to have fun! They didn’t take it to serious. I felt they were like dwarfs from Snow White; they all had a matchless sense of act. Some very cheerful, others grumpy, many were nervous, some even sang of joy, others whistled “whoot whoot whoot whoot”. It was hilarious looking at them. One of the kids was up; the position of the body was in relation to the target, he tightened his club with his hands and gently loosened them…. The club went back and down hoping he’d hit the ball and boom! He missed. The little joyful looking dwarf just started cracking up… okay I was kidding; he swung the club back and down again and boom! the ball went flying up so high like a shooting star went slowly down (What goes up-down it comes)… rolled really roundly into the thirteen hole. I was impressed.

My head moves across the field in a vertical way. I felt I was a camera, my eyes were the lenses, I could zoom in and out (I would actually use my glasses, take them off and wear them back on). As my head was used as a camera, I wrote down all the type of different people out there. White, Hispanic, Asians, Native Americans. However, I would see more white people. I could then make a conclusion that golf is a top sport for Americans. It is a sport that people practice for so long that they get so good at it. At an older age, they still have that potential to play the game right, and most of the time, there even better than the young ones. Golf is a sport where all types of ethnicity can reunite and can share different types of their cultures.

“Explosive, rumble, rumble, thunder” slightly a drop rain fell on my cheek. I shivered and felt that shiver all over my body like some kind of unusual vibrate. As I looked to the field, I saw all the golfers running into a shelter where they wouldn’t get wet. Except for three folks. They were playing even happier than before the raining started. My eyes were all set on them! “Plop plop drip drip”, the last drops had fallen. The cloud dried herself and shook like a dog when he finishes his bath. These three folks didn’t let the rain stop them from playing. They continued swinging their clubs with the same dedication and effort as before. They advanced their game by a lot, let me tell you. Sun came out glowing brighter than ever. It seemed like the heaven doors were opening up, and soon dried up all the grass. As soon as that occurred, all those that had ran rapidly off the field, ran back to the field to continue their game. Every golfer likes a different type of weather and the majority does prefer when the sun is up; indeed it is the best weather!

In conclusion, playing the sport of golf seems to attract many people to the area. Golf can really define someone’s character. One can tell what kind of behavior they have towards the game. With that, one can tell what kind of weather they like. Also, it is easier to find out where they’re from. One thing that cannot be missed is the age range. It’s fun to see people of all ages have fun with such a technical sport. It’s the way they play the game. They look beautiful in that field.


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