Water Shortage Solutions: a Global Problem that Needs Urgent Treatment

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The world is always facing global problems. One of the most important of them is water waste because it is vital for humanity and all living organisms. The purpose of this essay is to find out possible ways of solving the given problem. First of all, the reasons for water waste will be determined. Afterwards, the effects of it will be considered. Finally, this essay will suggest solutions for global water waste problem and evaluate them.

To begin with, water waste can be caused by different types of human behaviour. This essay will be based on the next two: pollution and water overuse.

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Pollution has a huge influence on water quality and makes it unfit for consumption which leads to waste of the resource. It is proved that 80 per cent of marine pollution is caused by factories, farms, and cities, which can be located both along the coast and far inland. First of all, the agriculture sector will be considered. It is well-known that it is the largest water consumer, that is why it has the hugest influence on water quality. The chemicals which are used to make the soil fertile are carried directly to the world ocean by groundwaters and rivers and cause water degradation. This problem becomes even worse in raining seasons.

The second-largest pollutant is the industrial sector. Different chemicals and heavy metals are the main components of the production process. After using they are released into bays and rivers. The water which contains such substances is unfit not only for consumption but even for any type of living organisms.

Another type of water pollution caused by oil spills. According to NRDC research (NRDC. 2019. Water Pollution Facts, Types, Causes and Effects of Water Pollution | NRDC. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 28 October 2019]), nearly half of an estimated 1 million tons of oil which spills into the marine environment is originated by land-based sources. The big oil spills make a huge square of water inhabitant and unfit for usage.

The domestic overuse of water is another significant issue. The huge amount of water is wasted by householders. According to statistics given by 'Guardian' (The Guardian. 2019. England at risk of water shortages due to overuse and leaks, report warns | Environment | The Guardian. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 28 October 2019]) ' average use is 140 litres per person a day' in England. Such irresponsible usage of resources may cause a significant supply shortage by 2050s.

Both pollution and water overuse will lead to next lethal outcomes unless humanity changes their using habits and attitude to nature. First of all, water shortage will decrease the quantity of food produced because it has a direct impact on crops and livestock. Thus, there will be poverty and global hunger. Besides, water shortage will cause sanitation problems and diseases. According to Solar Impulse Foundation research (Solar Impulse. 2019. Solutions to water scarcity: how to prevent water shortages? . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 28 October 2019]), people are likely to store water at home when it is scarce. Such actions create the environment which fits different types of bacteria that harms a person's health. Moreover, if a person does not drink enough quantity of water, the risk of developing serious diseases such as trachoma and typhus increases. Thus, people's lives entirely dependent on water, and this means that they must save it.

Thanks to wise waste management, which precisely means 'collection, transportation, disposal or recycling and monitoring of waste' (Waste Management Resources. 2019. Waste Management Resources. [ONLINE] Available at [Accessed 29 October 2019]) humanity can prevent water waste and even make its quality better. There are some ways of solving the given problem. In terms of agriculture and farming sector, the irrigation systems should be improved. High-quality water management will normalize the quantity of water used and prevent contamination. As well as developing irrigation systems, monitoring sewage systems and improving them will prevent water degradation. Besides, the special filtering systems should be created and widely used in water areas near industrial cities. These actions are the responsibility of the government.

The following ways of solving water waste problems should be done by the population. The simplest and the most obvious way is to monitor the amount of water a person uses per day. If every person reduces the daily water usage, we would be able to achieve healthier habits when it comes to water retention.

Humanity should also consider the consumption of plastic. If less quantity of it is needed, then less will be produced. Therefore, fewer chemicals which are widely used in its production will be released into the marine environment. This may be similarly applicable to many other goods, the production of which requires chemicals.

Private transport users also can prevent water waste. They should maintain the car so it does not leak oil, antifreeze, or coolant. Whereas, farmers, garden-lovers and just people who have a yard should consider landscaping that reduces runoff and avoid applying pesticides and herbicides. These domestic solutions can make the big difference and they must not be undervalued.

To conclude, water waste problem must be considered as one of the most important global issues because its lack will lead to fatal outcomes. The reasons for water waste include both global and domestic factors. The government should invest in developing irrigation systems, regarding the agriculture sector, and set certain water filters near factories. At the same time, the population can do a lot for water saving. First of all, water usage habits should be changed. Moreover, for every layer of population different actions can be done. People need to be responsible for their every-day behaviour and avoid any possible way of water contaminant.

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