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Ways Men Can Champion Women At Workplace

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The underlying economic structure of society has changed in ways unimaginable. Women have broken free of the domestic confines and forayed in the spaces solely held to be the stronghold of males. Despite showcasing immense resilience, perseverance and commitment to get where they are, women are constantly denied opportunities for advancement both at workplaces and in the larger world. If we want to live better, as we live longer, we need to provide women the opportunities that recognise their potential, their accomplishments, innovation and drive. You might want to ask how you can create such limitless and inclusive workspaces for women! Turns out there is a lot you can do.

  1. Pay Men and Women Equal
  2. Equal pay for equal work! That should be your principle. Put in place a pay level that compensates employees based on position and meritocracy rather than gender or any other characteristics that the society uses to marginalise people. Doing otherwise will erode your credibility as an inclusive organisation that respects work ethics and people alike.

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  3. Engage Everyone, Irrespective of Gender or Position
  4. We need a world where women engage and contribute whatever they want, without being circumscribed by gender-specific lens. No matter what task is at hand and what policies need deliberation upon, engage men and women equally. For women who are less participatory or hesitant, reach out to them and ask for their opinion. Set an all-embracing tone by letting your employees know that everyone is equally valued and respected in your organisation.

  5. Promote Your Top Performers
  6. Your promotion policy should be gender neutral. Everyone in the organisation knows who the star performers are. Overlooking these top performers due to gender considerations will demoralise your other employees as well and send out the impression that their hard work will not be rewarded. Such a move will also question your worth as a leader, so make sure you support and promote your performers regardless of their gender.

  7. Build a Gender-Balanced Team
  8. You can tell a lot about the culture of a company by looking at its leadership. If the entire leadership including managers and heads of all departments are male, you know that the organisation is gender biased. Therefore, be gender-balanced at every level including the executive one and build a team based on gender equity that holds growth and rewards for everyone willing to face challenges and learn.

  9. Hire Based on Skills
  10. It may sound too apparent but it’s especially true of the technology firms where the workforce ratio is skewed in favour of male employees. Hire based on the skill-set required to be successful, and not on the basis of gender considerations. Frame an interview questionnaire and decide on activities that form the skeleton of the hiring process. This will help you in hiring candidates who are strongest rather than who seem strongest. Implementing these changes will make your organisation more rounded and opaque- gendered and contribute to making it more relevant in the increasingly gender-sensitive economic world.


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