Ways to Make America Great


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What makes America great is that everyone in America can do almost everything they want to. In America, you can do anything you really want to within reason, Everyone in America can work, live, and go anywhere they want to. People in America are allowed to do almost anything, they aren’t forced to work or forced to live somewhere. You’re allowed to speak your opinions without breaking any laws. People have religious freedom which means that you can believe in any religion you please. Like in some other countries you’re able to go to almost any school, In America, there is a diversity of people.

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If someone came up to me today and asked me what makes America great I would say the “freedom” that the people have here. Unlike other countries, they don’t have the special privileges that people in America have. The rights we have as a country could go on forever, some of the rights we have are the freedom of speech, the right to vote, and that every kid can go to school and get a good education, unlike some other countries. We also have the right to appreciate our American flag by holding our hands to our hearts. We appreciate every soldier that has ever fought to gain and keep our country free. In America, we have freedom, equality, and justice that many other countries don’t or can’t have in their countries.

America, not only allows us to have our own opinions but we have the freedom of speech and countless amounts rights. You can represent any religion or community you want. “I’m in favor of no more wars, but as long as war clouds hover over the earth, as a citizen, I feel that we should be prepared for the worst,” said Audie Murphy one of the most honored war veterans from World War ll. Some of the soldiers have spent most of their lives in the army or fighting in wars for our country. These men and women have proudly given their lives to protect and gain America’s freedom. Anyone willing to put their lives on the line to protect our countries are seen as heroes in America’s eyes. If it wasn’t for our current soldiers and past soldiers America, wouldn’t have the rights it has this very day. During the wars, those soldiers have impacted America, in a great, great way and we do appreciate their bravery. I believe that all of the stuff I’ve talked about in this essay truly show why America is great. 

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