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Ways To Reduce The Global Warming Effect On The Environment

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The impact of global warming on the environment and ecological function is a universal threat which poses a considerable challenge to the human race. Apart from these, exhaustion of conventional resources and increasing greenhouse gases emission which causes of burning fossil fuels push countries to find alternative solutions. However, increasing energy demand, fossil fuel consumption, through increasing population and also industrialization of developing nations which requires more energy will be a crucial challenge.

Excessive usage of fossil fuel not only leads to diminishing their resources, but it also has remarkable effects on climate change which increases the global warming. The contribution of industry in global greenhouse gas emissions, in the energy sector, is estimated at more than 37%. Greenhouse gas emission causes the global warming. The impacts of global warming, which can be observed in many places, started. The global warming effects including sea level rise, frequent and intense heat waves, more drought and flood increasing menace human and wild animals’ life.

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The global warming can be reduced by numerous approaches such as clean energies. Cheap materials such as plant biomass and fatty acids and their net zero greenhouse gases emission of biofuels make it on the serious renewable energy resources to face the challenges and extraordinary ideal to replace with fossil fuels. Furthermore, similar combustion property like conventional fossil fuels is another feature which can be easily done by little modification in engines. Brazil is one of the pioneer countries uses widely gasoline-ethanol blends in their compression ignition engines.

Various aspects such as economic, social acceptance, development of technology and strong, comprehensive and supportive policy are needed to bring this technology to reality. Policy and decision makers to assess and forecast technology require to hindsight various part of life cycle of that technology. Technology life cycle illustrates generic technology emerging which looks into the prospect of economy and technology. The orientation of technology can be predicted by the technology life cycle and also the rate of it. This predication helps policy makers to reduce the technology development risks. In order to curve life cycle, an appropriate data which relates to technology innovation is required. One of the reliable data to estimate levels of technology is patent. Patents provide technological and also economical information which can help policy makers.

One of the approaches of protecting technology which is done by firms is filed patent. Therefore, Patents trends and analysis can demonstrate extraordinary information about technology and overall tendency of markets. Deep investigating in extracted patents can illustrate the key player in that technology. However, curving life cycle with patent data can show the current stage of technology. In this research, first, the biofuels technologies are categorized in eight groups and briefly each technology has been reviewed. Then a brief literature review about patent analyzing in renewable energies and technology life cycle analysis are considered. Eventually, technology life cycle of each ones has been curved.


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