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We Each Have The Power To Help Build The World And Save The Earth

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Being in a world when earth is slowly but surely going downhill due to global warming, pollution and many more man-made ways, we sometimes forget how we need to treat our home. God has taught us to love this earth that we call home. Its full of amazing things such as the gorgeous landscapes; beaches, hills and mountains, and un-countable smaller things such as the insects, animals, books, communication and our own senses. These are just a few of things that aren’t at all ‘smaller”, we just don’t remember them as much and take them for granted. Imagine what life would be like if we lost or didn’t have things such as health care practices or schools. In many cases of people in the world, they don’t have this. We take for granted the big things like hospitals because they are so normal to us. We also take for granted the small beautiful things in life such as breath-taking sunsets and nice weather. The people in this world who have less, often notice the little things much more than people who are more fortunate do, because they realize that beauty can be a lot simpler than we realize.

Our worldview provides us with a regimented sense of reality. Our world view enables us to a make sense of why we do things and why things are the way they are. It gives us certainty to some degree. A beautiful example of this is Indigenous Dreaming stories. “The Dreaming” is the belief of many aboriginal people. It is the understanding of creation and the beginning of knowledge, from which the laws came into existence. In most dream stories, the earth and land are mentioned. It represents their love for the land and all geographic sites around them. In most of the stories, the ancestor and elder spirits came to earth in human form as they moved through the land, they created plants, animals, rivers, rocks and other forms of land that we know today. This is why they walk carefully on earth. They believe that everything on earth was a gift by their ancestors, so they must respect and take care of it. To walk carefully on this earth, you must think carefully about how you will spend your time on it. Make wise decisions and make your time worth it. To walk wisely, you must skillfully apply God’s word to your life. Wisdom is a huge theme in the bible, especially the Old Testament, where many of the Psalms and proverbs are called “wisdom literature”. The word “wisdom” originally relates back to “skill”. The wise man had the skill to live properly. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning if wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding”.

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Being filled with the Holy Spirit gives us a meaning a purpose. It teaches and guides us to do what’s right, that being, walking carefully on this earth. We believe that god created the universe and taking care of it is something that we all need to subconsciously do. We do not own the earth, the earth owns us. Pope Francis appeared before the United Nations and delivered a speech that touched on the global impact of climate change and environmental gradation. He talks about how we as human being are part of the environment and we must live in communion with it. We must thank god for all his remarkable gifts that are signs of the world’s uniqueness which transcends all biology and science. Pope Francis also talks about how its s sin to not respect the environment. Caring for creation is one of the 7 tenants of catholic social teaching. We are fortunate that we have many people who devote lots of their time to helping the earth. We have many campaigns that benefit the earth such as; Think, Eat, Save, No farms No food, Icebridge, I want to be, Trees for cities, Surfers against sewage, Solar schools and Slow food just to name a few. All these campaigns are contributing in many ways to make our earth a better place by protecting our environment, saving electricity, repurposing trash and more.

One of the campaigns I think are really beneficial is “I want to be”. “I want to be” is a campaign that urges people to give their trash a new life. Instead of “rinse, reuse, recycle”, “I want to be” turns things like water bottles and aluminum cans into new and inventive useful objects such as park benches, bikes and fences. “No Farms No Food” also has a great initiative. Almost every meal on our plates contains ingredients grown on a farm. We need all farms to survive because they are currently being lost due to sprawl and development. We need land to grow the food, healthy soil to grow crops and nourish the livestock, clean water and of course, farmers. “No Farms No Food” leads a national peaceful movement that receives donations and supports farms and farmers one by one. We each have the power to help build the world and save the earth. But we must remember to walk carefully on this earth as we sometimes forget how much of a blessing it is that god has given us.


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