We Have to Make a Step Further to Increase Wildlife Protection

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A recently published article wherein scientists have showcased their newly discovered species of wasp found in Amazon, C. crassicaudata along with six other. C. crassicaudata utilizes a typical breeding strategy that is somehow common to other solitary wasps by searching for its potential host, not for the mother but for the eggs that will be injected to the victim. The larvae will then have a parasitic relationship with its host leeching off of the internal organs slowly killing it. Humans, metaphorically speaking, are the wasps and our host is everything on the planet. Just like how wasps put themselves as the apex predator of the arthropods, we put ourselves at the pinnacle as the world’s most destructive species of the animal kingdom that wreaks havoc to every living being both directly and consequently wherein no living being can retaliate. Not even the viruses, the deadliest entity on Earth, can quite eliminate humans because of our ever evolving technology. And with it comes the need to exploit and exhaust every resources there is in the name of science.

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For the record, viruses have killed more than humans but humans thus far are fastest that we have compressed a million year process of extinction by natural selection and disasters by a mere hundreds of years. It is only in recent periods in our history that humans have put serious efforts into conserving wildlife but still, hundreds of species are being killed due to human activity every year according to a statistics. Yes, there are organizations that are devoted on preserving - their symbolic animal the most just like the panda international, save the manatees to name a few. They do share some to help the less known but it is not enough. People are focusing on these few adorable wuzzy fuzzy looking animals while ignoring the less attractive faces animals with the likes of Seychelles winged stick insect or even no faces at all like giant clam. Since then, very few have attempted to save these creatures for it does not appeal in the eyes of the people. Maybe we should change our approach into something more like how the professionals in the field of medicine do, they apply medical triage. Medical triage is a viable approach to vastly alleviate the extinction rate that is happening or save those animals that are very low in population, that are beyond the ideal number of population to maintain diversity in terms of their genes.

Now, for the first solution, there are many triage candidate in which, when preserving, cost significantly less in money, time and effort compared to tigers, lions, pandas, etc that are already pulling big bucks out of wildlife preservation. Going back to wasps, these wasps are vital for the ecosystem since it is one of those who keep the numbers of arthropods in check. And if suddenly, these horrifyingly disgusting creatures that would bring nightmares to you just like what the title of the article have described that particular newly found species of wasp, it would put the whole world in utter chaos and at the end of it, we are most likely to die as well. All of the mishaps and adversities will return to us and that is why no other specie could destroy humans but humans. We have to make a step further to increase wildlife protection. For the reason that they actually don’t need us but it is them that we need to ensure the prolongation of our survival for millenias to come.

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