We Must Stop Bullying Today

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Imagine this. It’s your first day to school and you don’t know anyone because you’re a transferee. As you’re walking to your class, someone makes a side comment and spread rumors about you. Everyone joins and they laugh while pointing at you. You ran on the hallway hopeless and not knowing what to do. Do you ran away crying? Do you try to fight back? Many victims of bullying mostly students had faced this everyday. But how does it really feel to be bullied? or Have you ever been bullied? When you hear the word “bullying” what comes to your mind?

Each of us have different opinions and beliefs on what is the meaning of bullying. Some people say it is when you say something bad or mean things to someone. While others say it’s when you’re hitting or hurting someone physically. Everyone has a different opinion, and all of these opinions are correct. But for me, bullying is anything that a person does to someone that can hurt his or her feelings.

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We all know that bullying is so common nowadays. It happens everyday without anyone expecting it to happen. Did you know that 2 out of 10 children per day experience bullying in the Philippines? It happens mostly at school but it can also happen at the workplace, or worse, at home. Our country hold the fourth spot in countries which are high in cyber bullying. Being bullied has many negative impacts in someone else’s life. Those who are bullied are more likely to experience depression and anxiety. Victims of bullying feel helpless, ashamed, destroyed. They lose their confidence and have a very low self esteem. Some kids gets so depressed that they even take their own life because of bullying. To all the bullies out there, does it make you feel good knowing that your actions have led to someone’s death? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Bullying must stop! It’s now or never… Open up! Because it is not too late to be part of doing what is right. Stand up for yourself if you have been bullied. If you do not take the courage who else will? Imagine the possibilities that when someone gets bullied it may end up distracting others life or seriously it can end up loosing trust, depression and sometimes that leads to death. Now I tell you this: be considerate to others, learn to appreciate just like God wants us to respect each and everyone.


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