We Should Preserve Our Beautiful Land

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We Should Preserve Our Beautiful Land

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Though we all know that Earth is the most beautiful planet in the universe, we should agree with the fact that we all have become the plaintiffs who have contributed in destroying this beautiful place during past few years. We heard serious talks on environment conservation from all around the world. But still we have to question ourselves, Have you ever done something to save our beautiful home? However some individuals have made immense contributions to save the planet Earth. It is obviously something that can be highly admirable. This article is all about their heroic deeds which help to preserve our beautiful land.

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The world’s biggest beach cleaning project which was implemented by Afroz shah set a good example to everyone. Though; he started this project simply, he was highly appreciated by UN as well. This was a project based on India which marked the biggest population in the world. No doubt that it is a very difficult task to achieve but the commitment made by the volunteers headed by Afroz made this project a success. Secondly it is all about a man called Chelyabinsk who has used his senses to reward Mother Nature simply using what he proceed. He stopped pin pointing others on behalf of what they are doing instead he started to give a helping hand to make a better place for you and for me.

As a result of the destruction made by the mankind the water resource too started to vanish from our planet. However a person called Kurt Dalin saw the necessity of the people who suffered without water and constructed a well and allow them to fulfil their basic necessity. This project was further extended supplying water for many people around that area.

Not only the individuals but also trending brands such as Levi’s, Nike too have been joined together to promote eco-friendly industries which won’t be produced harmfully by destroying the natural resources. Lev’s has been able to produce the first eco- friendly jean while Nike was able tore-use shoes in order to construct tennis courts and treadmills.

Moreover; it is glad to mention that even a cafeteria in a school of California also has been able to promote that particular café as an eco-friendly cafeteria. This is one of the best steps taken by the relevant authorities to create some sort of a feeling among the students towards the environment.

Finally I would like to mention about Pacific Ocean collects tons of plastics. This idea was presented by Boyan Slat in which he has introduced a project to remove thrash collected in the ocean. His intention is to remove 50%of trash and to create this beautiful earth a place in which you will love tostay. It is our responsibility to make our planet a place which is suitable to live not only for current population but also for the future generation as well. Thus let us make use of these incidents as an inspiration to join hands together to save Mother Nature.

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