We Should Work to Stop Bullying at School

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On a Morning i had woken up to get ready for school and have breakfast before i started my day off. my name is Ana g and i think people who are bullying others should be getting what they deserve. everyday i get to school i see tall guys with strong arms and creepy face always mean mugging and even hitting or makingfun of other guys. and the same thing is happening with girls but not with just guys. . its more with girls. theres a girl with long pretty long hair with a very beautiful face. . but not with a pretty atitude always judging girls by the way they look. . including myself. . i been bullied by different followers that want to be the same as the bully. . which is incredibly stupid. .

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I have two friends Maria and Diana both of my friends have also been bullied by the same girls that are trying to be followers and follow there "leader" Casandra. she has been bullying girls since the beginning of freshman year. she has told a bunch of girls to die because they are fat andt hat they deserve to die. she bullied a girl that was blind. She kept calling her names and the girl couldnt stand her anymore and decided to take her own life. . and casandra was left with no charges because people were to scared that they would get into more problems with the bullies in our school. i want to tell the police and the principle but how can i say a word without having any proof? ill just get into to more trouble. i am against bullying. . i had a friend named kevin. . him and his sister jocelyn came from mexico. . . i got close to kevin. we had 2 classes together and we would always talk and i would help him with his work. but one day he didnt show up to school. . and then the second day he didnt show up to school. . .

We saw counselors coming in the classroom saying they had bad news for us. . and it didnt get into my mind that the bad news was going to be about kevin. . until the conselours said " we have something to tell you all about your classmate kevin. . sadly he has passed away. . and we were informed he took his life" i was devastated. . i didnt know what to say but cry. . i was in shock. . i couldnt believe it. . i went home very upset about it i couldnt think about anthing else but about the fact that i wasnt gonna see kevin anymore. . not today not tommorow. . and never. the next day they have told us that kevin had took his own life because he was being bullied. . i was so furios and so sad that i had mixed feelings. . i was so tired of casandra and josh and there followers always trying to make someone feel bad or hit them and threat them saying they are going to kill them if they tell anyone about them bullying the person. .

Everyone in school knows who the bullys are. . but like i said noone wants to tell anybody about whats going on. i was walking through the hallway and saw casandra bullying a girl because she accidently been pushed into casandra. thats the moment i have decided that i need to take a video and show every body that i can. . that bullying can be stop if we allwork together to stop it. . i posted the video in social media and it got viral. . my friends and i got so happy that finally the bullies were caught. thats the moment everybody said SAY NO TO BULLYING!!!!!!

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