We Shouldn’d Be Judged By People For Our Appearance

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To start, I suffer from acne and my skin has always been the reason I don’t feel confident in my own skin and people have mostly negative perspective on me because I don’t have “flawless” skin like them. When I was 13, my face started to get filled with acne and my skin has gotten worse from that point. My close friends say inner beauty matters more than outer beauty but from my own experience I don’t believe that to be true.

I’ve been judged by people either directly or indirectly many times. People just assume I am just not a clean person and I don’t take care of my skin. They don’t know how much time and money I have spent trying to figure out what is wrong with my skin and looking for creams, cleaners, pills, or any products that seemed to give me some hope to have clear skin again. I’ve been going back and forth between doctors and dermatologists until one of them prescribed me with Accutane pills. After using this pill for a few months, I gradually started to see results and I can’t wait to have a clear skin like almost everyone else on this planet. When I have breakouts I notice people looking at me in a disgusted way and they don’t get close to me as if I have some kind of rare contagious disease. My confidence has always been low because acne was always a barrier for me to go up to people and talk without getting judged by them.

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My acne journey has been a roller coaster of emotions and it has always affected my mood, confidence, and self-worth. I have noticed my friends’ indirect dislike when they try to avoid touching my skin as we are taking pictures. One of the most painful part of having acne in a social context was how it automatically makes me appear unattractive in the eyes of everyone. Developing acne on my face was something out of my control and people don’t understand that. When I meet new people I could tell that most of them don’t want to have me as their friend because they don’t want to have a “cheap” looking friend. Sometimes I wouldn’t get invited to the sleepovers because they were scared my skin touched their blanket they would get acne like me.

Thankfully, I have made some good friends that don’t care about my acne and they always remind me how beautiful I am and that my acne is temporary.


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