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Wealth is an abundance of money, the state of being rich. Andrew Carnegie talks about his point of view on wealth in his essay “The Gospel of Wealth”. Carnegie illustrates examples of how wealth should function in the nation. Not to mention, his point of view has influenced the United States in both 1800s, early1900’s, and the present. There are gaps that still exist between the rich and poor until today’s date. Andrew’s suggested that the wealthy should help the poor to help the inequality that exists. Comparatively, Andrew Carnegie’s point of view can be viewed in “The Life of The Average Coal Miner” where a boy starts as a breaker and ends as one. In this article, the boys have no help to progress in their life to a better position instead they are retained where they start. In the article it can be viewed they don’t have help in any matter. If they had a hand for themselves maybe they would have been someone with a better life. As the article “The Life of The Average Coal Miner” mentions, “The ambition of every breaker boy is to enter the mines” meaning people want to get paid better and try to progress but they can’t because they are paid low wages. Inequality can be viewed because they are not paid enough for a good salary to survive.

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On the contrary, in the article, it can be contrasted from Andrew’s main point of his essay. For example, Carnegie mentions, “while the law may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every department” meaning even though it’s tough for people to advanced it’s good in a way because it can be seen who wants to progress and help themselves up to where they want to be and become. Everyone starts at one point and ends up where they want to be with help. Not to mention, that the article “The Life of The Average Coal Miner” mentions, “they continue to live out their commonplace, low leveled existence” meaning some people don’t try to grow for better instead they live the low level which they are used to.

Furthermore, Andrew Carnegie has influenced people to help the nation. Carnegie’s illustration can be seen by several wealthy people where they donate to contributions for those wanting to succeed. Carnegie mentions, “When these apprentices rose to be masters, there was little or no change in their mode of life, and they, in turn, educated in the same routine succeeding apprentices” meaning if the rich people help out those in need to become someone better, they can do the same for those in the future. In brief, Carnegie illustrates an example to the world that the wealthy should give out in those in need to be someone better. Andrew Carnegie was trying to balance out the inequality which separates the rich and poor. Carnegie himself donated his income earned to contributions that were going to help. Andrew’s message it’s still being spread until today’s date it can be seen by millionaires donating some of their income to foundations. Wealth portrays a major role in the nation because it’s what keeps the world going. Andrew wrote his essay “The Gospel of Wealth” to send a message to those wealthy people. Carnegie tried to fix the inequality between rich and poor and so he wrote for people to see his point of view. Andrew saw it disturbing for the wealth to be handed to a family member and wasted so instead, it should be donated to foundations that would make better use of money helping people in need trying to balance the inequality between rich and poor.

After reading, “The Life of The Average Coal Miner” Andrew Carnegie’s point of view can be viewed as ethical. He mentions, “Individualism will continue, but the millionaire will be but a trustee for the poor” meaning inequality will still exist no matter what but the rich people can make a difference for them with low-level life.

In short, Andrew Carnegie point of view seems ethical. Carnegie’s morals can be illustrated in other wealthy people in today’s date. These wealthy people contribute to donate to contributions such as to build education centers. The money imputed is seen to help others to be someone in their life. Rich persons that donate are recognized helping the community.

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