Wearing and Buckling a Seatbelt: Caring for Safety

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What would it look like if someone finds himself in a car accident? What if that person is a passenger sitting on the back enjoying the ride and suddenly, he finds himself propelled forward and hits his chest? When this happens, 75 % of passengers die and mostly because they are not wearing a seatbelt. Unbelted occupants are the ones that have the highest chance of being thrown from the car, this by 30 times more.1 Even though these facts are scary, both drivers and passengers don`t wear their seatbelts because they feel they are not comfortable. Drivers and passengers should be more aware of the physical and financial risks of not wearing a seat belt if an accident occurs.

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Wearing a seatbelt can help minimize injuries to the driver. A lot of drivers get severe injuries or even die because they aren`t buckled up. Statistics have shown that about 45% of times, death have been avoided and serious injuries have been minimized by 50%.2 They keep the driver firm in his seat while he is trying to avoid the accident.

“Wearing a seatbelt also prevents passenger ejection during a severe accident that involves a rollover. The chances of surviving this type of accidents increases 45% when wearing a proper safety restraint device.”3 Seatbelts are the best protection as they keep both drivers and passengers tightened to their seats and inside the vehicle in case of a crash which ejection is almost always deadly.

If the seatbelt isn`t worn and an accident occurs, pockets may feel a lot lighter. There may be implications for how much your insurance might pay in respect of injuries. The Wisconsin’s law, a driving safety law, “allows a damage claim to be reduced by as much as 15 percent for parties not wearing safety belts.”4

Even though seatbelts are very useful some people say they are not comfortable, especially when you are trying to sleep. If you think that`s not comfortable, then think about how much more comfortable it would be if you`re thrown through the windshield. Would that be fun?

Or something else they would say is: “I`m not going far and wont drive fast.” A lot of people say that, it`s a common excuse to say because they are not driving long distances from home, they have no need to take extra efforts to be safer. Actually, most of the accidents occur within 6 miles of home according to a survey conducted by Progressive Insurance in the United States.

However, if a seatbelt is worn, there will be less injuries or death. People know that and they should always wear it; this way they keep the law as well. The traffic police officers need to make sure to pull the cars over when they see someone not buckled up. This would help drivers and passengers never forget to wear their seatbelts.

Accidents happen all the time, every day. Despite whose fault it was, we can minimize the injuries and avoid a tragedy by wearing a seatbelt. Wearing seatbelts can save our lives. People may think how can seatbelts do that. Well, during a collision, seatbelts keep the driver and passengers inside the vehicle and fasten firmly to the seat. This will prevent them from getting other injuries if they are thrown outside. To minimize the worst scenario, there needs to be more people that keep the law and wear their seatbelts to protect themselves. And there is also a greater need for reinforcement of wearing a seatbelt as a lot of people don`t wear them. Wearing a seatbelt is currently law in many countries in the world, it should stay like that and the countries that don`t have a law should implement one as soon as possible. With all these mentioned above, will you put your seatbelt on next time you`re in a car? 

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