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Weekly Reflection Paper to “Commoditized Interior Design”

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The thoughts of Fuigo and Fortuny’s owner and CEO, Maury Riad, on interior design’s place in the business industry are expressed in an open letter. This letter serves a warning of the actions that are being taken against the profession because of the potential outcome being a decline in the need for an interior designer. This profession has the potential to be lost in the business world because of the availability of design resources to everyone and the risk of big corporations going around the designer. The significance of an interior designer’s role in allowing a client’s vision to come to life has already been diminished and will only continue to, if there is no reaction.

Maury Riad states his concerns of the decline of interior design due to big companies making the choice to directly contact clients and exclude a designer. Opening the trade-only design centers is diminishing the importance of an interior designer and the purpose they serve for a client. Riad expresses his true feelings about these actions by pointing out how it is already occurring, whether it is realized or not. This topic speaks to Riad because he has done his part in the industry through his family’s fabric business by continuing to serve clients through the means of a designer. His call out for action to the design world thoroughly demonstrates his concerns for what the future could look like for individuals in the field, if these factors continue.

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I agree with Maury Riad that designers must begin to stand up against these actions to prevent those who are encouraging the decline of designers. Due to the greediness of those in the business world, the factor of human safety that is implemented through good design in aesthetically pleasing ways, is being ignored. In my opinion, Riad makes a valid point when stating how actions must be taken to prevent these issues from having a lasting impact on all individuals in the field. To ensure the safety of clients, I believe interior designers must stand up as an unified whole.

Interior designers must find their voice amongst these powerful corporations and allow for their importance in the industry to be felt. Without action, the profession will only continue to be scrutinized and diminished by those who do not see its value. Although each interior designer has their own role in profession, coming together as one, big force to push the boundaries implemented in the this industry, will allow for interior design to continue and flourish as a distinguished, respectable career.


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