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Weekly Report On Internship Program

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Working of week 1

For the first week of my internship, I participated in a tour of the department and was introduced to various personnel. Following a detailed orientation to the department’s internship program, I received my first assignment and then began to experience the communications division.

During the week, I was told to make notes of my observations, thoughts, questions. I start taking part in the day to day working of the company. Then I was placed with a senior employee Mr. Walia. He told me about different aspect of working in the company’s rules and regulations. Week 1 was more of knowing the organization and my work in the company’s marketing department and visiting different departments finance, human resource, production, sales. During rest of the days of first week my supervisor sends me to sales department for the purpose of extracting the sales reports of the company for last two months and analyzing the impact of marketing strategies with respect to sales of the company. Company and my supervisor provide a great comfort level and great working environment and great communication level between other employees of the company. As I went 2-3 days in the organization I also started feeling comfortable with environment and my work.

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Working of week 2

It was the week when I started taking parts in in the operation of the company. That I was placed with senior employee Mr. Walia. He told me about analyzing the marketing strategies how they are planned and implemented on what basis and procedure to follow while different operations After which I learn how to handle a customer which have all the knowledge about the automation products. That I also learn about different language use how to satisfy the customer. When I ask one of the senior employee about English whether it is important or not. He answered me English is very much important but it depend the location. The area where you are performing your job. I also learn how to make links with other’s because these are very much important. They told me to do certain entries in the excel sheet. These enteries were the orders of other companies that were supposed to be manufactured by the end of this month. They even gave me information needful for the purpose of updating the required file.

The main tasks that I performed were:

  1. Data entry
  2. Handling CRF’s
  3. Updating the existing files related to orders, dispatch, queries etc.
  4. Conversations over call to other departments within the company.
  5. Mailing to clients regarding the payments, reminders, queries.

Working of week 3

As days passed the workload started increasing and expectation from me got higher these were the days were I struggled to complete my work but my superior supported me and help in increasing my confidence. they told me to do certain enteries in the excel sheet. These enteries were the orders of other companies that were supposed to be manufactured by the end of this month. They even gave me information needful for the purpose of updating the required file. Then my mentor gave the work of analyzing the balance sheets of various companies and studying each component of it very clearly. Company balance sheet is made very differently from that of the partnership firm. He made me learnt about various acts used in the balance sheet.

Working of week 4

My fourth week was not a very busy week, and therefore I thought to enhance my computer skills like I learned some commands of the excel sheet that were used in daily routine. Like addition, subtraction etc. I learned to make quotations also. I tried interacting with customers understanding. It is rather very interesting & difficult task because to persuade customers is not an easy task and interesting because you have an opportunity to meet different type customers.

My discipline live experience is that I have gained much proper knowledge how to buy product. I learnt how to convince the customer, how to talk with the customer. I have created great awareness among the potential and proposed customer.

Working of week 5

In fifth week my understanding for work increased, managing workload and pressure. they taught me how to make performance invoices. Performa invoice is a document which is prepared regarding the payments which is to be collected from other companies against their orders .In this week my most of the work was of making performance invoices. I was supposed to do the usual work side by side like entering data etc. It was not a whole day task because the number of orders varied every day. These days were very hectic as workload increased. Learnt code of conduct. I got the various consumer buying behavior and actual how these l ling of any product particularly.

Working of week 6

They asked me to have a conversation with the people of other department of the company itself over the phone call so that my confidence level increases and I can talk to the company’s clients .I made calls to production department to know about the status of the final product which was to be dispatched in the end of the previous month .I even made calls to the purchase department to tell them about the requirement of raw material. I mailed the clients regarding the reminders for payments and solving our queries we have asked them about a particular thing. I answered the queries they had via mail. I was guided by my mentor completely in this thing, because obviously I didn’t had enough knowledge that I could solve them on my behalf. I did the same work which I was doing from the first day of my internship. In this week I learned how to enter details in the Busy Software. In every few days they increased my duties and my responsibilities which helped me a lot as I didn’t felt the burden all of a sudden and I could learn a lot of things.


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