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Weighing the Options and Regret of Missing Out

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There has been a debate going on about the topic, is weighing options carefully a good, or bad thing to do. One might argue it’s bad because it’s dangerous to jump into things. On the other hand someone might also argue that, it is good because it was meant to be.This is a debate that is hard to take a side, but I think it’s good to weigh your options. It is good to think about what your doing before you jump into them, jumping into things can be dangerous, and you don’t want to rush things.

To begin, it is good to think about what your doing before you jump into them. Here is a specific example. Have you ever heard someone say, ”Think about what you saying before you say it.” Well this is the same concept. In every situation it is better to think everything all the way threw. Or have you ever been next to someone or knew someone that just sounds dumb all the time because they don’t think before they talk. In every situation it is better to think everything all the way threw.

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Secondly, Jumping into things can be dangerous because people are not thinking things all the way threw. As an adult or even a child you don’t want to rush things. For example, when people take a test they don’t rush they take time to think about the right answer. If you take time during a simple test why wouldn’t you weigh your options during a big life decision? It’s just and makes more sense to take your time. If people do just this simple thing, thinking their life’s would be so much better.

Finally, One might say it is better to rush because it might be meant to be. For example have you ever heard of destiny? A lot of people believe in destiny. This mean if people rush the decision it was meant to be. With this your decisions might be the best (rushed) decision of your life. Basically you can say yes the very second after and it was, ”Meant to be”. Another specific example is, you might regret not making a decision because your time ran out. Some people will make a decision quick because they don’t want to be old and regret not making the decision to or not to. I have personally heard this from people and it is not a happy scene. Time is always the hard risk factor of situations, but if you take your time and weigh your options, normally you end up making the better decision.

In conclusion, weighing your options overall is better. Even though people might say their destiny is destin or they don’t want to regret not go after it fast. However, the best way is to think about what your doing before you jump into them, you don’t want to rush things, and jumping into things can be dangerous. Taking your time/weighing your options is always better.


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