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Weird Benefits Fake Holy Men Bring To The Society

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He is primarily known for his humanitarian values. As a former Cardinal Secretary of the State, he had worked extensively on the treaty called ‘Reichskonkordat’ with Nazi Germany. A particular sector of Jews often holds him as a godman for his unprecedented aid to the Jewish victims of Nazi regime.

What foul did he commit?

He stands as one of the most silent controversial historical figures. He has been accused of deliberate anti-Semitism to connivance with the Nazi regime. When Italy was not an ally of Hitler, the Pope called upon Italy to remain faithful to the Church. His original voice of impartiality towards Hitlerism or Stalinism stands in question. Disputes popped up in his role about the negotiation of the German concordat of 1933 to the end of World War II in 1945. He since the phrase “the silence of Pius XII” gives his life’s summation.

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  1. Rajneesh: The land of Orient has always been a fascination for the Occident. Teachings of Indian godmen have often had far-reaching effects on the Western world.
  2. What fair did he commit?

    Rajneesh later called Osho has immensely influenced the Western New Age of spiritualism and mysticism. Known as a ‘Neo-sanyasi,’ his conception of the New Man who is free of social institutions has influenced Western studies on Deconstruction and Post-modernism.

    What foul did he commit?

    His teachings propagated polygamy and free sex as a means to attain Nirvana. The men attracted to hedonism found his theories to be attractive, while his tantric experimentations have often been equated with voodoo. His Ashram at Pune, India was turned into a Westerners’ paradise with reported drug smuggling, prostitution, and orgies. He was often called a “sex guru” for his preaching in unbridled sexuality and owned not less than 18 BMWs.

  3. David Koresh: Western civilization has seen the rise of fake holy man through cults. They are often the social deviants and have a sinister role in the face of history.
  4. What fair did he commit?

    David Koresh was the leader of Branch Davidians. A religious leader and a guitarist his contribution though negligible is significant in the field of Biblical studies. His studies and theories revolve around the seven seals. It is David Koresh who brought into modern light the meaningful Biblical notion of seven seals about salvation, causing worldwide turmoil as people started blowing the dust off their Bibles!

    What foul did he commit?

    He believed that the spirit of Christ got reincarnated within him. He was the Cyrus (Koresh), The Arm of Lord and called himself the Son of God. Koresh epitomized salvation of the highest order where women could attain their redemption through an act of sex with him. Since it was a matter of bestowing salvation, he fathered more than 15 children from different women. He also has shown rampant involvement with child sex and statutory rape. A web series on Koresh titled ‘Waco’ is about to release in 2018.

  5. Pope Bernard Francis Law: It is already known from Freud’s theories on sexuality that religious men have repressed their libido, but unsuccessfully. In the most recent times, the name and fame of the Roman Catholic Church were tempered by sex scandals. It was the investigatory team called ‘Spotlight’ in association with the Boston Globe revealed the notoriety behind white chastity.
  6. What fair did he commit?

    He had undeniably worked at a time when the Church failed in its mission to provide people with pastoral care. He has immense contributions in the US Civil Rights movement in Mississippi. More importantly, he has helped with funds during 9/11 attacks.

    What foul did he commit?

    He had extensive knowledge about the raping and molesting of more than 130 kids by his fellow churchman John Geoghan. He was an accomplice to the systematic child sex-abuse the rocked the city of Boston. It is even said that he housed a prolific number of pedophilic priests with prior knowledge. The American biographical drama film, Spotlight (2015) shows the toxic and obnoxious mental health of the Roman Catholic Church.

    History has picked up the battle between nature and culture. And these not-so-holy men keep this dichotomy into momentum. We question the motif that drove them towards such heinous goal. Is it the instinct or a cultural creation? The question is perpetually unanswerable. But in the words of the legendary Joker, “Madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push.”


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