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The Cultural Characteristics of the Target Market in Different Countries

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Panamanian culture is profoundly male-ruled and man dominant. In a Panamanian family, men are frequently given more opportunity than women. Abusive behavior at home and manhandle against ladies is profoundly saturate in the nation’s way of life. The situation of women in Panamanian culture is gradually evolving, due to the attempt of the administration and different women associations. The administration has embraced a progression of laws and welfare plans to enhance the status of ladies. These welfare measures have helped women to improve training, openings for work, and wellbeing administrations. Panama’s dollar-construct economy rests principally with respect to an all-around created administrations segment that records for more than seventy five percent of GDP. Panama’s transportation and coordination’s administrations areas, alongside framework improvement ventures, have helped financial development. Panama religion is roman catholic which is 85% of the population while other 15% is protestant. Consumers’ attitude and many brand inclinations are like those in the U.S. Numerous U.S. TV, radio, and magazines are famous and accessible in Panama. Upper-wage Panamanians habitually travel to the U.S. for excursion, medicinal treatment, study, and business, and their purchasing behaviors and tastes are like those of U.S. purchasers.

Costa Rica

The Latin American conception of male strength and female mediocrity is being replaced in Costa Rica by a more current perspective of women as the two homemakers and providers. This change isn’t only because of monetary need: Costa Rican women have turned out to be increasingly taught throughout the years and are progressively ready to work in proficient fields. In 2010, women made up 41 percent of the work power, and presently hold places of unmistakable quality in business. Ladies approach free and mandatory training until secondary school and can get advanced education in both open and private colleges. In 2010, the education rate of women and men was 96 percent. Costa Rica religions are Roman Catholic 76.3%, Evangelical 13.7%, Jehovah’s Witness 1.3%, another Protestant 0.7%, other 4.8%, none 3.2%. Costa Rica has few market passage challenges. U.S. items and administrations appreciate disrepute, making Costa Rica a decent market for U.S. organizations. A standout amongst the most widely recognized market passage choices is to select a specialist or merchant. Another choice is to locate a neighborhood accomplice who can give information and contacts. Different organizations have been effective by means of licenses or establishments.

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Singapore has had a man centric culture where men were predominant. The way of life predict that women would offer need to kids and family as they took an interest in the economy nearby men. The most recent two decades, in any case, Singapore has seen a noteworthy liberation of women. In the present period a substantial number of women started to assume a more extensive job in the social, monetary, and political existence of the nation, and the meritocratic administration of Singapore. Female instructive level, financial status, and social cooperation are developing in the nation, and ladies are progressively treated on rise to terms with men in all circles. This has raised women monetary action rate to 57 percent. Singapore people religions are Buddhist 33.9%, Muslim 14.3%, Taoist 11.3%, Catholic 7.1%, Hindu 5.2%, other Christian 11%, other 0.7%, none 16.4% (2010 est.). Singapore has a profoundly created free-advertise economy. It appreciates an amazing open and defilement free condition, stable costs, and for each capita GDP higher than that of most created nations. Joblessness is low. The economy depends intensely on sends out, especially of purchaser gadgets, data innovation items, restorative and optical gadgets, pharmaceuticals, and on its energetic transportation, business, and money related administrations parts.


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