The Dangerous Machines that Workers Have to Deal in a Workplace

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As a construction worker, workers need to learn how to handle most of these construction machineries or some other stuffs as well, at least those needful ones for them during the constructing, but if they didn’t use them as they supposed to, so, injuries are almost around to impair them. Bernard (2018) concludes his essay by showing that more than 25,000 instruction site injuries and a huge number of deaths every year referred to stairways and falling of ladders that used on construction projects (para.4). Even the motorized circular saws, table saws and chain saws are common likely in every type of workers site. Scaffold collapse failures and falls frequently make headlines as these accidents are often result in catastrophic injuries and deaths. At least 50 construction death accident every single year, and more than 4,500 injuries. Nail guns and staple have such an explosive force, any mishap or mistake while using can make major injury, power drill can pierce through bones or skin.

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Machines injuries:

Due to Michaels and Smolak (2009) “Forklifts accidents, backhoe accidents, scissor lift accidents, masonry machinery accidents, hydraulic jack accidents, crane accidents, front-end loader accidents, boom accidents --- all these and many more construction machines and equipment cause innumerable accidents and injuries every year in New York and elsewhere”. Actually, these machines are safe usually if they’ve been used carefully. If a worker who has no provided with using any machine, mostly he is going to harm his self or others. Also, in some situations, vehicles that working too close of the side of rubble piled or the trench on the sides could cause collapse. Cranes ought to work always on a hard base, so they make sure that it won’t skid. Pedestrians and vehicles must be kept apart on the site, separated away of each other as much as it’s possible, because workers might be hit by these vehicles. Some old or not qualified machines might explode while using, machines needed to have a periodic maintenance to keep them safety for workers.

Raising awareness:

Everyone can get safety to their place of work, by following safety instruction than given by the company or by the government. Even by getting the site tidy, or by getting it to be fenced off from public, they can make their site safety. Workers must check for the clearance of any overhead power lines.

As we said before, that ladders kill much of workers by silly mistakes, workers need to make sure the ladders are in a good shape, secured well near the top, on a firm base and footing 1 out and 4 up.

Always you need to have a firm grip on the ladders and keep a good balance, it’s not allowed that more than a person on ladders, and if you have a fear of heights, you don’t have to climb ladders at all. The roof is a risky place to be, you have to inspect the roof before you walk on in every time, and remember that walking along a fragile roof might be your last. Bernard (2018) wrote that “It is no secret that construction workers put their lives on the line every day as they face the risk of equipment malfunction, falling debris, scaffold collapses and every mishap in between”.

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