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The Most Serious Problems Associated with Illegal Drug in UK

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In UK society today, illegal drug has often been seen as one of the most important topic over the past few years. The main focus of this article is to show with the increase in the number of using illegal drug have different effects on society and teenagers. And these effects were influenced by many factor, often resulting in violence crime and behaviour. They may cause family problems, health problems, effect on job performance and serious legal problems.

According to Beth Mander(2017), he shows that there were 3744 people were killed by the drug poisoning in 2016 and there was 70 more people than the previous year and it was the highest number since 1993. Associated with illegal drug use is now becoming the most serious problems in UK. Nowadays, the most common reasons for teenagers to start using the illegal drugs was caused by their curiousity. They wanted to try it like experiment when they were feeling bored and no interest in something. Some of the teenagers who wanted to fit in with friends will try to use illegal drugs and meets some stranger to be friend. The stranger will convince them to believe that illegal drug was good. There was a serious problem in choosing a friend in ours school life. As teenagers, we knew that illegal drugs are bad to ours health and will ruin ours life. Teenagers can try to join some clubs that help us become more responsibility and make friends in a healthy way and doesn’t feel bored in any time. Beside enlarged general population surveys, it is recommended that for the monitoring of young people’s injecting or use of heroin alternative surveys are commissioned young people living in deprived areas or young offenders was defined as the sentinel groups which has a higher risk of target.

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According to Health J (2001), behaviors can be happened to the person take drug and indirectly disturb the social relationships. The criminals activities will be increasing and disturbing the residential safety and the lack of quality individual produced for the future. One of the significant problems associated with illegal drugs is trouble a serious legal problem. Some people who taking illegal drug as a form of escapism. When they are feeling sad and depressed, taking drugs is a way to make them forget everything and feel better and happier. Under the Misuse of Drugs Act (1971), there are 3 types of drug which is Class A, B and C. Class A drugs like crack cocaine and heroin were the most serve in penalties, and least severe for Class C drugs like khat and anabolic steroids. Producing or supplying Class B and C is a14-years maximum term in prison while Class A drug can be punished with life imprisonment. Possession for Class A, B and C is treated less severely, with maximum of seven, five and two respectively. Sometimes there are given warnings and on-the-spot fines for possession of drugs.

People can try to find a counselor to counseling themselves or call to the helpline and talk to them about your situation. Drugs can effects psychological and physical problems on us. It can be short-term and long-term effects. The increase of the risk of some drugs were form of a wider society, be it to the individual, related harm or all of the threes. However, drugs will effect ours psychological, physical and social harm both to the user and to others. It is too simplistic to say ’drug A is more harmful than drug B’ because every drug has a different harm profile across the categories.

In conclusion, the purpose of this study was to deserve great attention of the whole society about associated with illegal drug. The way to solve this problem is to make the young people know about how serious and danger of using illegal drugs.


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