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What Art Means to Me

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Creative and non-creative people have argued about the definition of art for centuries. ”What is art?” is the most fundamental subject in this doctrine of aesthetics, which actually means, “how do we define what is defined by art?” Can we easily define art as something, which has form or free-flowing like the river? Can we say it involves two subtexts: the important world of creation and its cultural value? 

The definition of creation has broadly come into three categories: creation, language, and structure. Art as Creation: Mimesis. Plato first produced the thought of creation as “mimesis” which, in Greek, implies repetition or imitation. Until around the end of the 18th century, the study of art was respected on the foundation of how faithfully it replicated its person. 

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So what is beauty in art? Is beauty considered art? What about abstract? Appearance interprets often more than cosmetics: Appearance is quite a measure of looks… However, neither the creator nor the person will be sure of successful communication in the end because looks can be deceiving. Therefore, beauty is the ultimate successful communication between the creator and the perceiver. 

When you see an image, drawing, or paintings it gives you joy or happiness, sadness, and loneliness the moment you understand the meaning of it. It can neither give you pleasure nor gives you a deeper understanding of what art is all about. Because of these feelings and understandings, you are building your own perspective that will allow you to see not just an art but also a wonderful creation. 

Many of us usually do not understand the real meaning of art; they just see it as an image, color combinations, and overlapping shapes. In some cases, painting, drawings are being reproduced by technology, and as time goes by the authenticity of the painting is getting low, when you reproduce an art, your purpose is to earn money but not spreading its real meaning. Meaning that is embedded in every line, every color, and every form that the creator wanted to impart. Meaning that sometimes can change people’s appreciation of art. Reproducing an art actually makes the piece popular, but the drawback is that the real meaning of that piece is gone.

Art teaches us in so many ways how to grasp the world, sometimes how to understand people around us or the situation we are in. It speaks an unknown language or means of communication wherein language is not even sufficient to describe a feeling or a thought or even its content. If art can be anything to anybody at any time, then there ends the discussion.


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